Barack Obama: A Study in Contradiction or Political Corruption?

by Richard H. Frank

Barack Obama, true to his promise to “fundamentally change America” once again has contradicted himself and his claim that creating jobs is his number one priority.  His campaign rhetoric to create jobs, fix our economy and achieve energy independence have all failed to materialize over the first three years of his administration.

Today, our Fearless Leader hid behind the State Department and Secretary Hillary Clinton in rejection of the permit application from Keystone and XL to build an oil pipeline to supply the U.S with Canadian crude oil.  The rationale given by the White House is that sufficient time has not been provided to the State Department to study the environmental impact of the proposed route for the pipeline.  Additionally, Obama stated the project is not in the national interest of the United States.

If moving toward energy independence is not in our national interest, how does Obama justify losing $500 million  taxpayer dollars on his pet renewable solar project at Solyndra?  To add insult to injury, his rationale fails to state that the Keystone XL Project is being paid for by private enterprise and not the Government.

The State Department has had three years to participate and analyze the environmental impact study conducted by a private firm at the behest of Keystone.  Our Government would rather reject the findings of this study and ignore the experience and excellent record established by over 25,000 miles of Canadian pipelines currently in use in the United States.

As for the promise to provide the impetus for job creation, Obama is either ignorant of how to achieve this or he is just a plain liar.  The Keystone Project is estimated to produce up to 20,000 jobs for construction of the pipeline and potentially 200,000 plus jobs stemming from the Project.  Construction wages alone would add over $1 billion to the economy each year with economic output from ancillary business too great to estimate.

Unfortunately political ideology takes precedent over what is best for America when it comes to decisions by the Obama Administration.  If a crisis does not exist, Obama will create rhetoric to convince us one is imminent.  Following the BP Oil Spill, he imposed a 6-month moratorium of oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.  A study by Joseph R. Mason, phD, Louisiana State University, found that Obama’s actions resulted directly in the loss of over 8,000 jobs and $2.1 billion in economic outputs.

So once again, Barack Obama has extended his middle finger to citizens of the U.S. and the Canadian Prime Minister.

Without a doubt, should the U.S. fail to work with our neighbors to the North, Canada will take their oil elsewhere.  Obama is tossing the dice in hopes that the decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline permit will buy him the environmentalists’ vote in November.  He risks alienating the labor vote and assuredly many independents by this contradiction of promises made to foster job creation.

The claim of Progressives and Liberals that increased drilling and building the pipeline will not impact oil prices in the short term is ringing hollow on ears of the voters.  Had we acted to become truly energy independent 5 years ago, we would be reaping the benefits of that action today.  Keep this fact in mind every time you fill up your car and see the dollars out-pacing the gallons indicator on the pump at a rate of 4:1 or more.

Remember in November and vote for the change we truly can believe in by sending Obama back to Chicago.

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