Obama’s Shell Game – A Recipe For Disaster!

By: Richard H. Frank

On November 16, 2011 I wrote a blog entitled “On The Road To Greece” in an effort to point out how the professional spenders in Congress and the Obama White House lack any sense of responsibility to take action to cut spending by our Federal Government. Today the national debt stands at $15.1 trillion and is rapidly approaching the increased debt ceiling approved by Congress a little over six weeks ago and equals $48,500 for each and every citizen in America or more than twice the median income for our families.

What is even more frustrating is that Congress has failed to pass a Federal budget since August 29, 2009. Instead the Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have resorted to passing continuing resolutions to fund our government in short spurts ranging from six months to one year at a time. The result  is spending levels of $3.6 trillion annually and deficits of $1.3 trillion each year since Obama assumed the Presidency. Obama’s shell game seems to be one of creating a fiscal crisis that threatens to shut down the government and then insist on increasing the debt limit in order to borrow more money from the Chinese  to satisfy the unending thirst to spend in Washington. When confronted with resistance from Congress Obama resorts to threats  and intimidation in the form of withholding payments to our military and their families and not paying our senior citizens their social security in a timely manner. This is always followed with a promise that he will appoint some commission to make proposals on how to reduce spending and balance the budget. Such was his promise in 2009 with the appointment of the Simpson-Bowles Commission on Fiscal Responsibility whose recommendations he totally ignored and the bi-partisan Super Committee that he charged with finding $1.2 trillion in spending cuts following the latest increase to the debt ceiling. Notice how Obama plays the shell game and removes himself from ever having to make a decision and then placing the blame for inaction on someone else.

So now our brilliant leader has come to the conclusion that Congress must once again increase the debt limit by $1.2 trillion additionally in order to sustain our present level of spending or massive tax increases will result as the only other alternative available for his administration. After all, if the rich would only pay a little more of their “fair Share” all this unpleasantness could be avoided. Obviously we are approaching an election year and Obama needs to remedy this situation before it becomes a distraction to his re-election efforts.

Unfortunately for every American citizen it is also an election for Congress many of whom are anxious not to have the debt ceiling issue obscure their efforts for re-election as well. So be prepared to bend over and grab your ankles once more as our President and the Democrats in the Senate slip another debt limit increase to us with a promise that a solution to our fiscal woes remains hidden under one of the shells remaining on the table. Also, don’t look for the Senate and Harry Reid to make any budget proposals for 2012 as it won’t be necessary until after the election and they will take care of it in 2013 as an issue high on Obama’s agenda following his re-election.

With the next increase in the debt limit Obama and the Congress will have pressed the express down button on the elevator to our becoming Greece. The only way we can stop this insanity is to clean house in November 2012 and vote out any member of Congress that places his allegiance to his party over his oath to uphold the Constitution and do the job he or she was elected to do. That also goes for Obama as well and his ilk. After three years of his administration how is that “Hope and Change” working out for you?

Wake up America before it is too late to correct course and return to the Nation of limited government and free enterprise envisioned by our Founders. We must not allow the career politicians to usurp our heritage of a “Government of, by and for the People being replaced by a socialist democratic machine akin to those found in Europe.

When Adolescents Govern!

by Richard H. Frank

It would appear that the 112th Congress has picked up where the 111th left off with one major difference.  That difference is now exemplified by the House and the Senate attempting to demonstrate which body possesses the bigger balls.  Like two tough guys feeling the effects of puberty and the rush of testosterone when confronted with something they do not like or agree with, they have drawn a line in the sand daring the other to step over and join their position for resolution of the matter.

The latest example has filled the news and talk shows as both Houses of Congress agree that an extension of the payroll tax holiday, extension of unemployment benefits and associated deferment for reducing payments to Medicare doctors must be passed.  The House of Representatives passed such a bill allowing these measures to continue for one and two years respectively.  The Senate, however, amended the House Bill to extend for 60 days during which time the Senate would tinker with language that they are not in agreement with.  Further, the Senate under direction of Harry Reid, refuses to participate in a conference committee to resolve the issues between the House and Senate versions of the Bill.  This even though such a measure is prescribed under the Constitution.  Instead, our elected Representatives have manufactured yet another crisis and elevated the blame game to a new level that accuses the other side of being the Scrooge or the Grinch as we approach the Christmas season.  In addition, we see a complete lack of leadership in our President as he Christmas shops with his dog instead of demanding that the Senate get back from their holiday and get the job done of passing a one-year extension.

How sad for our Country and stupid of the politicians to play their political games with an issue they supposedly all support.  let’s face it, this is just creating political fodder to demonize their opponents as we approach the 2012 general elections.

This childish display by the Congress in Washington may just be the catalyst for the elecctorate to clean house on both sides of the aisle in November, 2012.