Anger in America

by Richard H. Frank

Everywhere we look today there is an intensifying anger among the People that is taking different forms of expression across this nation and around the world.  Whether it is the Tea Party or similar Patriots movements, or the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, the signs of unrest with our capitalistic and government institutions which today are intricately connected, dissatisfaction abounds.

The anger being expressed crosses all social, economic and racial demographics of American society. Our senior citizens are angry having witnessed their life savings literally wiped out as a result of the collapse of the financial system and the real estate markets in 2008.  They foresee no chance of recovery for their hard-earned investments and savings in their remaining lifetime.  The Government takeover of General Motors and Chrysler and the forced bankruptcy by the Government left thousands of retirees holding worthless shares of stock in companies they spent decades working for and making profitable. These same seniors who paid their fair share into Social Security and Medicare now see the reality that Government has spent $2.5 trillion from the fabled “Trust Fund Lock Box” leaving a stack of IOUs as the promise to pay retiree benefits.  Likewise, Medicare as the safety net for seniors is hurtling into the abyss and insolvency.  The result being seen by seniors is increased premiums that must come from their already stretched fixed incomes coupled with rationing of services provided.  Without a doubt, should Obamacare be found Constitutional, seniors will bear the lion’s share of cost and service reductions.  It is not difficult to understand the anger boiling up within the community of senior citizens in America.

The second group of angry Americans is composed of the working middle-class that is charged now and in the future to pay for the misguided and often corrupt decisions of our Federal Government.  This group sees the future as being hopeless.  They know that they must bear the burden of paying through taxes for all of the unsustainable promises made by politicians over the past Century.  They look at the $14 trillion National Debt and are aware that there is no chance to pay that burden under the best economic conditions they can imagine within their lifetime.  Moreover, with unemployment in this nation standing at 9-10% and under-employment approaching 20% these Americans see their task as hopeless.  Thus, anger abounds within the ranks of those Americans that are producers in the Nation.

Then there is the most insidious group of Americans.  These are the takers addicted to the entitlement mentality promoted by every Liberal Progressive politician in America.  They see the capitalistic system as unfair, fraught with fraud and greed and taking from the masses in favor of the richest 1% in America.  This group poses the greatest threat to the Representative Republic than does any threat from an outside nation or political movement.  They would punish success demanding redistribution of the national wealth without regard to the unintended consequences such an action would generate.

Their tactics are those of mob rule that our Forefathers warned against when creating our Constitution. Their message is divisive and preaches class warfare and tyranny as an end result.  They are angry but direct their anger against the wrong institutions in our capitalistic society.

The 21st Century is not the first time in the history of America that we as a People have faced such a growing anger.  It is, however, the first time that I can remember that our President and Congress have been so bitterly divided in finding solutions to fix the ills of our nation.

Barack Obama and the Democrats in the Senate have formed an unwritten alliance to stop any legislative action proposed to return to the limits on Government enumerated in our  Constitution and are using parliamentary procedures and Executive Orders as tools to promote their socialist Agenda.

I recommend that every reader of this blog view a short nine minute video of a cartoon message from 1948 entitled “Make Mine Freedom.”  The link on another blog that features this video is After viewing this sort video I think you will see the connection to our situation today and the peril we face as a nation from the policies and ideologies put forward by Barack Obama  and his administration.

The only hope for America is to make our voices heard in the 2012 General Election and replace Barack Obama, and every Congressman or Senator that ascribes to principles contrary to those contained in our Constitution.

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