Obama’s Campaign Strategy – The Blame game!

By: Richard H. Frank

The Obama Administration’s policies having proven to be classic failures, the President must switch to the old stand-by tactic of blaming everyone else, including his own party for failing to support his agenda. His position will not focus on how the Democratic-controlled Congress is responsible for creating a $5.2 trillion deficit between 2007 and 2010 and that his stimulus program to spend $787 billion followed by another proposed $447 billion has nothing to do with the increased deficit. His continued lies to the American public that his latest proposals are fully paid for are wearing thin with the very people who elected him to office. He continues to demagogue the Republican- controlled House of Representatives as caring only for the rich that do not pay their fair share of taxes and how he will not place the burden of the economic dilemma on the backs of the middle class and senior citizens.

His contention that he will veto any legislation that does not include new revenues from the richest Americans in the form of higher taxes is in direct opposition to his pledge not to raise taxes on the middle class in America. Likewise his “Grand Bargain” which he personally blames Speaker Boehner for rejecting lacks any detail as to how he will cut spending by $2 for every $1 of new revenue generated through closing tax loop holes and tax increases on the rich.

What is even more astonishing is that he expects the public to sign on to the class warfare he creates by stating that Warren Buffet pays a lower tax rate than does his secretary. He fails to acknowledge the fact that Buffet’s tax rate is from capital gains that are taxed at 15% while his secretary who allegedly earns $50,000 per year is taxed on income at the rate of approximately 25%. “Just math” he says as he stands and proclaims supposed facts before the American public. Notwithstanding the fact that Mr Buffet has already paid income tax on the money he invested when he first earned it, lets examine the math. If Mr. Buffet’s secretary paid 25% on her $50,000 salary she would pay the government approximately $12,000. If Mr. Buffet on the other hand achieved $50 million as the President contends, he would have paid $7, 500,000 in taxes not to mention the hundreds, or possibly thousands, of jobs his investment has created and sustained. This is the math Mr. President. I wish you could prove the same for the $787 billion in wasted stimulus dollars you spent.

As the campaign takes shape we hear the old refrain of blaming Bush for the economic woes of the country. Two wars unpaid for, a prescription drug program unpaid for and tax cuts for the rich that crippled the flow of revenue to the Federal Government.  Now his claim is that stimulus was not enough and we need to spend more money that we do not have to fix the economy coupled with taxing those greedy rich people and companies that do not pay their fair share. He knows full well that Congress will not pass his latest attempt at redistribution of wealth in the form of “The Americans Jobs Act” which he insists must be passed immediately. Even the Senate leader Harry Reid will not bring the bill to the floor until some time in October if even then. This is all in the plan for placing the President above the fray and blaming Congress for his failures as he deflects any responsibility from himself to others for failures of his policies and ideological agenda.

He insists that Washington must live within its means and in order to do so must reform the tax code, Medicare and Medicaid; this from a party that has failed to pass a budget for the last two years.   He continues to scare senior citizens with cuts to their benefits many of which are hidden in his signature legislation aptly dubbed “Obamacare.” Just wait until the increases in premiums kicks in for seniors that subscribe to their part “B” benefits. These increases will be more than offset by cost of living increases forecast in the near future. Lastly, he stated that the government should ask all companies that received bailout money from the government to repay their debt. I thought this was explicit in the original bailout agreements. Just how much is still owed by these large companies to the American taxpayers?

But then again I guess the American taxpayers should just bend over and grab our ankles and kiss the money we “invested” in the New General Motors, Chrysler and solar companies like Solyndra good-bye.

To quote Barack Obama, his speeches have all become “words just words” and can fall into the category of more campaign rhetoric called the “Blame Game”.