Obama’s “American Jobs Act II” – More Government Spending !

by: Richard H. Frank

Watching and listening to the President’s speech to a joint session of Congress, where he once again attempted to assume the guise of a leader, would have been laughable were the state of our economy not so serious.  It must have pained Obama to acquiesce to Republican ideas for tax cuts as part of his continued attempt to introduce $447 billion dollars in new stimulus spending to Congress and a skeptical electorate.  Nonetheless, he had the gall to stand before the nation and insist that continuing his failed policies would provide the “jolt” necessary to jump-start the economy.

Further he insisted the new legislation would be fully paid for through “undefined” yet to be determined spending cuts and closing of tax loopholes in the existing tax code. Mr. President, give me a break, please!  How stupid do you think the American people are?  Since when has the Federal Government found a dollar of savings and not turned around and spent two?

As for charging the Congressional “Super Committee” the task to find an additional half trillion in cuts in addition to their current assignment to find $1.3 trillion in reductions, I can’t help but wonder what you are smoking.

After listening to the outline of Obama’s “American Jobs Act,” I must ask “Is he just stupid or so ideologically committed to destroying the free market system that he is blind to real solutions when they are placed in front of him?”  He gives lip service to cutting the corporate tax rate and removing obstacles to small business who create the jobs.  He then totally ignores taking the barriers away from our domestic energy producing companies when they attempt to make our Nation energy independent.

His statement using  mercury from fluorescent lamps  as an example of the regulations that he would never relent upon to protect our children from poisoning shows just how naive  he really is.  No one in business wishes to place individuals in jeopardy nor destroy the environment by elimination of all regulations.  They just want the barriers to doing business removed that stifle innovation, development and job creation.

Mr. President, how about paying for your $447 billion dollar boondoggles through elimination of Federal Government agencies that add no value to the economy and allow the states to assume those responsibilities.  Additionally, cancel your   campaign to sell this monstrosity of a Bill by travelling across America  at the taxpayer’s expensive and also promoting your Presidency under the guise of selling your legislation.  Your political donors can pay for your Presidential election campaign, not the rest of us.

Mitt Romney said it best when describing the President’s ability to fix our economy when he stated “Obama doesn’t have a clue…”

The best thing Obama could have done during his speech to the joint session this past Thursday would have been to follow the example of Lyndon Johnson who said “I shall not seek, nor will I accept the nomination of my party to run for President of the United States of America.”  That announcement would be the jolt needed to jump-start our economy.