History Repeats Itself: Same Problems Different Century!

by Richard H. Frank

Failure by our elected Government representatives to study history and learn from the mistakes of our forefathers condemns them to repeat those mistakes.  Unfortunately for all of us, our elected representatives today consider themselves to possess superior intellect to those that preceded them and cling to ideological solutions guaranteed to solve all of our problems.  The trend toward “Big Government” and the “Nanny State” over the past 100 years bears undisputed evidence that Government continues to impose solutions guaranteed to repeat prior failures (mistakes) and provide no sustainable solutions to our economic and social problems.

The decade beginning in 1930 and ending in 1939 evidences that the same world issues and crises were present then that are present today.  Only the names of individuals and national entity are changed while the problems remain the same.  Consider the following  occurrences in the month of September:

1930 – The National Socialist Part (Nazis) rises to become the second largest political  party in Germany.  (They campaign on “hope and change” that included full employment and socialized medicine).

Sept 9, 1930 – U.S. Department of Labor restricts immigration of foreign laborers in an effort to combat chronic unemployment.

2011 – Immigration problem persists in the U..S. with two major exceptions:  illegal immigrants number between 12-20 million; the Federal Government refuses to enforce existing law and uses executive fiat to grant pseudo amnesty to those individuals awaiting deportation.

Sept 30, 1930 – German President Hindenburg asks for dictatorial powers to push financial reforms.  

2010 – Democrat-controlled Congress passes the Dodd/Frank Financial Reform Act stifling economic growth in the U.S.

Sept 30, 1931 – London, England experiences unemployed riot.  Police in London clashed with demonstrators as opposition grew to the Government’s new austerity programs.  Most of the demonstrators were unemployed workers who opposed recent reduction in benefits.

2011 – Riots in London erupt as opposition to austerity programs imposed to bring stability to the nation’s financial markets.

Sept 12, 1932 – Germany, Von Papen dissolves Reichstag after vote of no confidence opening the door for Hitler to form a new government as chancellor.

2011 – The Mideast spring in Egypt, Libya and Syria, as riots overthrow dictator’s governments in favor of Muslim based ideology.

Sept 21 & 30 1933 – FDR orders outlay of $75 million to clothe and feed homeless. FDR program to feed and clothe the needy increased from $75 million to $700 million. There were 3.5 million on relief rolls.

2011 – Obama Administration and   Democrat Congress increase unemployment eligibility to 99 weeks.  45 million Americans receiving food stamps.

Sept 5, 1934 – Hitler predicts Reich will survive for 1000 years.

2011 – Radical Islam continues jihad against the West and insists  that Shirea Law be recognized where Muslims are involved.

Sept 30, 1934 – FDR  pleads for a truce between capital and labor in order to give his NRA initiative a chance to succeed.

2011 – Barack Obama pleads with Congress for more stimulus to give his $787 billion national recover act a chance to succeed.

Sept 1, 1935 – Third Reich adopts swastika as national flag.

2008 – Barack Obama contends America should adopt a new, less violent, national anthem to reflect his pacifist agenda.

Sept 23, 1935 – Nazis plan to boycott all Jewish firms.

2011 – Obama’s Cap and Trade Policy to destroy the free market led by regulations curtailing operation of the U. S. Coal Industry.

Sept 1, 1936 – $1 billion rise forecast in the Federal deficit for 1937.

2011 – $16.2 trillion deficit forecast for 2012 with $1.3 trillion occurring in 2011.

Sept 1, 1936 – German Army holds the largest manuevers since 1914.

2011 – Iran and Syria hold manuevers as revolution in Egypt and Libya continues.  Different nations, same Islamic ideology.

Sept 3, 1937 – John L. Lewis warns FDR to back the CIO or lose labor support.  

2011 – SEIU and Government employee unions warn President Obama to support their agenda or lose support.  National Labor Relations Board sues Boeing to stop their moving operations to a “Right to Work State.  Obama courts big labor during Labor Day speech.

Sept 30, 1937 – League of Nations threatens to end non-intervention policy if Italy keeps troops in Spain.  

Today, the United  Nations resembles the League of Nations and is equally impotent.

Sept 15,22, 1938 – Neville Chamberlain flies to Berlin to meet with Hitler and finalize the “Non-Aggression Agreement in Munich.” Chamberlain assures Britain Hitler wishes for peace.

2009 – Barack Obama Mideast and European apology tour of pacification.

Sept 25, 1938 – FDR appeals to Hitler to negotiate with the Czech President in response to demonstration of 20,000 at Madison Square Garden.

2011 – Barack Obama – Appeal to the President of Syria and Libya to step aside in view of domestic demonstrations

Sept. 30, 1938 – Four powers sign accord allowing Germany to take the Sudetenland.

2011 – Obama’s support for having Israel return to the pre-1967 borders and create a Palestinian State.

Sept, 1939 – A world divided!  1.  German troops invade Poland, 2.  Martial law declared in France, 3.  Britain and France declare War on Germany.

Each of the above instances are chronicled in “100 Years of News, 20th Century Day by Day.”  The successes and failures in dealing with each situation and resulting  crisis provide a guide for our Government today in dealing with these same issues if only they would take the time to study our history.  The solution to these problems for America resides in our maintenance of a strong national defense, support of free market principles with minimum regulation by Government and aggressively pursuing energy independence for our Nation.

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration and our liberal Progressive Congress have failed to recognize the lessons learned in history.  Government creates nothing but regulation that stifles economic growth.  Regulation is necessary to control unscrupulous practices that harm individuals and destroy our environment but should be limited to these areas and not intended to usurp congressional authority enumerated under our Constitution.

Individual states are given the authority to legislate and manage the territory within their sovereign borders under the 10th Amendment.  The Federal Government needs to get out of the way and allow the States to assume their responsibility under the Constitution.

Should our Government continue to ignore history they are destined to make the same devastating blunders and mistakes of the past that have led our Nation to the brink of extinction!