The Politics of the Destruction of America

by: Richard H. Frank

The latest crisis created by the Washington, D.C.  elites is the impending default on the National Debt, which according to the Obama Administration would put the world’s financial system into irreversible  collapse.  Having  reached the existing debt limit of $14.3 trillion established by Congress, Barack Obama has resorted to the fallback tactic of “fear” to frighten seniors and military personnel in hopes they will call upon their representatives to increase the debt limit by $2.5 trillion.

Barack Obama’s statement that he could not guarantee payments to Social Security recipients and military personnel is ridiculous and Congress should call his bluff by drafting legislation that forces prioritizing payments for interest on the national debt first followed by the military and Social Security in this order with all other program priorities established in order of importance by the Department of the Treasury.

Passage of such legislation in the House of Representatives will insure the  nation’s priorities are established and assure the full faith and credit of the nation.  If  either the Senate or the President refuses to pass and sign this legislation, the public will become acutely aware of where the political priorities of the Administration may be found.

To quote Paul Ryan “We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem!”  Barack Obama states that he will support a “big picture” program that cuts $4 trillion from spending over the next 10 years while increasing taxes on the rich.  The rich are those Americans earning $200,000 annually.  His proposal has no specifics as to what programs will be cut to avert the crisis but insists Congress must increase the debt limit by $2.5 trillion now so he can save $4 trillion over the next 10 years.  Where are the savings (spending cuts) to come from Mr. President?

The House of Representatives has identified $2.5 trillion in cost cuts over 10 years.

Consider a sampling of 55 programs and question why they are included in the budget in the first place.

  • Eliminate duplicate education programs.  HR 2274 removes 68 at a savings of $1.3 billion annually.
  • Amtrak subsidies $1.6 billion  annually.
  • National Endowments for The Arts – $167.5 million annually, and Humanities $1.675 million annually.
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting subsidies $445 million annually
  • Legal  Services corporation $420 million annually
  • Community Development Fund $4.5 billion annually
  • Federal Travel Budget – Cut by 1/2  – $7.5 billion annually
  • Department of Energy Grants to States – $530 million annually.
  • Title Xx Family Planning – $318 million annually.
  • Federal Office Space Acquisition – $864 million annually.
  • Repeal of the David-Bacon Act – $1 billion annually.
  • Repeal of Obamacare – $1.0 billion annually

Elimination of Government wasteful spending in itself could eliminate the need to extend the Nation’s debt limit.  Instead of forcing the President to cut spending, Senate Mitch McConnell is suggesting that Congress support increasing the limit by $2.5 trillion through the 2012 elections.  This action in essence is unconstitutional and gives that authority(the power of the purse) to the Executive  Branch, instead of Congress, and to his Majesty Barack Obama.

The President is using the budget and debt limit crisis as his ticket to re-election and furthering the transition fo America from a democratic Representative Republic  to a European Socialist style democracy.  The artificial deadlines set by Obama are a mythical drop-dead date made to make him appear as in control of a situation which he has no conception of how to solve.

Congress must stand firm and accept no increase in the debt limit without substantial cost cutting to specific programs coupled with a Balanced Budget Amendment, and no increases in taxes; anything short of these major  reforms will ultimately lead to the Destruction of America.

One Response

  1. Not one word of the cost of illegal immigrants, or legal immigrants that use and abuse our Medical, Educational, Welfare and all other public assistance programs, at an enormous cost to us tax-payers .
    Not to mention the cost and demand they have on our Law Enforcement and Correctional facilities . An F.B.I. reports that 25% of Federal prison inmates are foreigners .
    Why are we funding racist groups like La Raza (the race) ?
    How are foreigners in our nation gaining mortgages ?
    How many foreigners get help with lower housing cost and free education and medical assistance at tax payers expense ?
    Just the cost and financial aid given foreigners who`s babies fall under the “Anchor Baby” policy is costing states like California Billions of tax dollars annually . The parents, illegal or not, can collect until the kid is 18 !
    How many low-skilled American jobs are going to foreigners, instead of American students looking for seasonal or part time work ?
    How many of our elderly, looking to supplement their Social Security payments, lose out because of foreigners ?
    Why is America`s low-skilled labor force losing out to jobs to foreigners in our nation ? Ask our Secretary of Labor, who favors immigrants over Americans !
    The only answer is to rid our nation of the foreigners that are dragging down our economy .
    Controlled immigration is great for any nation, but the abuse that we see in our Visa Programs, Chain Migration and this mass invasion of foreigners entering our nation will destroy our nation from within .
    Washington, over the last three decades, has done little to prevent this disaster from happening .
    After 9/11, instead of completely securing our border, we saw a surge of foreigners entering our nation illegally, and they were not all mexicans . Many that were caught were from terrorist nations . The Border Patrol states that only 1 of 4 foreigners entering our nation illegally are caught ! Not good odds .
    We must put an end to this madness in Washington .
    The only way to accomplish this is to elect officials that will eliminate the job magnet and abolish all incentives and benefits given these foreigners by corrupt and unscrupulous politicians .

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