Obama’s Continued Disregard for The Rule of Law and Our Constitution!

By: Richard H. Frank

Friday May 20, 2011 marked the deadline for Barack Obama to request Congress to sanction Americas involvement in the Libyan conflict under the War Powers Act. True to form the administration chose to ignore the law and instead sent a letter to the Senate in an effort to circumvent the Constitutional power of Congress as the only body empowered to take this nation to war. The arrogance of this administration is beyond belief when the President stands before the Nation and chastises middle eastern countries for not respecting their people and governing using democratic principles established under the “rule of law.”

He has in effect abandoned Israel under his administration’s policy to supposedly promote democracy in the middle east when in one breath he confirms our commitment to that nation and in the next attempts to set the agenda for their negotiation for  peace with the Palestinians. What sort of deals has this administration made behind closed doors with Arab nations that impact the security of Israel, in exchange for enhancing  the prospects for Obama’s re-election?

His speech on foreign policy for the Middle East was filled with the Obama code words such as “investment” and promoting enterprise at the local business level through “grants” to encourage employment. All this coupled with forgiving $1 billion of Egypt’s debt and providing an additional one billion dollars for stimulus (investment) in the non- oil producing economy. It seems to me that the middle eastern governments have enough revenue from oil production to provide their own incentatives for stimulating employment in the private sectors of their economy. After all, just look at how effective Obama’s $816 Billion stimulus has been here in the United States.

It is time for Congress to take a stand against “His Royal Highness” and assert their equal Constitutional powers over the Executive Branch of government and reign in his attempts to circumvent Congress and the law. How long will our elected representatives allow this President to walk the narrow line that borders upon just cause for impeachment?

Contact your Senator now and demand that Obama follow the law or face the consequences for his illegal actions.

One Response

  1. Nobody will stand up to this criminal in the white house! I’m sick of this lawless jerk that has all the power to do all that he does and none of these politicians will stand up to him to stop him! Why are they so afraid of him? He laughs at all of us, and laughs at the politicians because they act like zombies and never stop this evil jerk! I want someone to stand up to obama now! I’m sick to death of obama doing and saying what he wants and none of us can do anything about it and it affects all of our lives! Come on cowards stand up to him and STOP him for us, we the patriots that do not want obama to speak for us, or pass any horrid policies. Just stand up to him for goodness sake and STOP OBAMA!!!!!

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