Fearless Paul Ryan Possesses Great Presidential Traits of Character and Integrity

by Jayne D. Frank

So I will start with the immediate arguments against Paul Ryan becoming a possible GOP Presidential candidate:

Paul Ryan is so young.  At 41, he is my son’s age and the first thought that comes to my mind is: “Would I trust my son with the governance of my beloved United States?”  You’re damn right I would.  Both men were raised with the same core midwest values of hard work, respect and love for your family, the belief that God is our Creator and our Savior (and isn’t afraid to say so), a great education, and an understanding of what it takes to make America prosper again.

Paul Ryan doesn’t have the machine behind him and wouldn’t get the GOP support.  Great!  That just makes me believe that he could operate outside of the good old boy network in Washington and think for himself; more importantly to make the hard decisions for our future prosperity.

Paul Ryan has too much on his hands now to even think about the Presidency.  Watching Paul Ryan’s lashing of President Obama in the debt commission debate gives him immediate credibility, and the respect of his peers for his 2012 Budget Proposal that he presented and had passed in the House is the ideal platform from which to pound the message home in a Presidential election.

Paul Ryan couldn’t win.  Paul Ryan is the ONLY politician on Capitol Hill that Barack Obama is afraid to run against and he most surely would beat Barack Obama.  Most importantly, 66% of the 2.2 million young voters who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and have been disillusioned by the lack of credibility, truthfulness and competency in Barack Obama would vote for him more than any other candidate in the arena at this time.

Paul Ryan has young kids-we couldn’t ask him to give up the time he has with his young family for America.  Sorry, there is no sympathy with this author about his possibly giving up the good life as I am giving up what is supposed to be my “golden years” to fight against Barack Obama’s Marxist agenda so that children in America, like Paul Ryan’s children, may grow up in the America that I grew up in.  It is my firm belief that without senior citizen’s support, hard work, involvement in the 2012 President Race and our financial sacrifice, America could continue down the path of destruction under another Obama Presidency.

Paul Ryan doesn’t have enough experience.  I won’t even justify an answer to this after our having elected our present neophyte, completely unqualified President.  The difference with Paul Ryan is that he will listen and take advice and more importantly, he loves  America.

Paul Ryan isn’t running.  Yes that is right, but things change….

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