Obama’s Road Map to Economic Devastation!

By: Richard H. Frank

Listening to the President’s three-step plan to curb the escalation of gasoline prices reveals his agenda to set back the economic growth in America to that experienced in the 1970’s.

  1. Having the Justice Department investigate alleged price gouging
  2. Appointing yet another commission to investigate the Oil company price-fixing and the role of speculators in higher prices.
  3. Finally a reference to increased domestic production.
These initiatives are all smoke and mirrors that, with the exception of turning loose new exploration land development permits, are just more political rhetoric.
Additionally, Obama has no intention to grant permits for increased domestic supply of oil so long as he can support prices at the pump to reach levels that make his quest for green alternatives economically viable.
Rest assured that the quickest solution to reducing the cost of a barrel of oil would be the announcement that restrictions against domestic production would be removed immediately.
The argument that it would take years before domestic supply would impact prices at the pump is more smoke and mirrors as evidenced when the Bush Administration announced increased production near the end of his term in office. Had we actually increased production five or even ten years ago we would not be faced with $150 per barrel for Mideast oil and the unemployment rate in America would not continue to hover between 9 and 10%.
The Obama Administration is content to point its finger at the greedy oil companies making record profits but fails to point out that these same companies pay record taxes to the Federal Government.
Once again political ideology takes precedent over the welfare of “We the People” and having our leaders develop a cohesive, comprehensive national energy policy for the future.
Barack Obama needs to spend a day in the shoes of the average American faced with the upward spiral for the costs of food and every other necessity to support their families. The root cause for these escalating prices is the cost of oil dictated by the Mideast cartels.
When will the America people recognize the incompetence or ideological intent of the Obama Administration to force this nation to its knees at the altar of Mideast oil cartels instead of demanding energy independence now? Congress, acting as the representatives of “We the People” must act now and demand the lifting of moratorium against drilling offshore and encourage production in Anwar overriding a veto by Obama if necessary.
We cannot wait two more years to take action and hope that the presidential election removes Barack Obama and his administration from office.
The power of the Republic rests with the People. Now is the time to exercise that power through our Congressional representatives in the House and Senate. Make your voices heard today.

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