Fearless Paul Ryan Possesses Great Presidential Traits of Character and Integrity

by Jayne D. Frank

So I will start with the immediate arguments against Paul Ryan becoming a possible GOP Presidential candidate:

Paul Ryan is so young.  At 41, he is my son’s age and the first thought that comes to my mind is: “Would I trust my son with the governance of my beloved United States?”  You’re damn right I would.  Both men were raised with the same core midwest values of hard work, respect and love for your family, the belief that God is our Creator and our Savior (and isn’t afraid to say so), a great education, and an understanding of what it takes to make America prosper again.

Paul Ryan doesn’t have the machine behind him and wouldn’t get the GOP support.  Great!  That just makes me believe that he could operate outside of the good old boy network in Washington and think for himself; more importantly to make the hard decisions for our future prosperity.

Paul Ryan has too much on his hands now to even think about the Presidency.  Watching Paul Ryan’s lashing of President Obama in the debt commission debate gives him immediate credibility, and the respect of his peers for his 2012 Budget Proposal that he presented and had passed in the House is the ideal platform from which to pound the message home in a Presidential election.

Paul Ryan couldn’t win.  Paul Ryan is the ONLY politician on Capitol Hill that Barack Obama is afraid to run against and he most surely would beat Barack Obama.  Most importantly, 66% of the 2.2 million young voters who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and have been disillusioned by the lack of credibility, truthfulness and competency in Barack Obama would vote for him more than any other candidate in the arena at this time.

Paul Ryan has young kids-we couldn’t ask him to give up the time he has with his young family for America.  Sorry, there is no sympathy with this author about his possibly giving up the good life as I am giving up what is supposed to be my “golden years” to fight against Barack Obama’s Marxist agenda so that children in America, like Paul Ryan’s children, may grow up in the America that I grew up in.  It is my firm belief that without senior citizen’s support, hard work, involvement in the 2012 President Race and our financial sacrifice, America could continue down the path of destruction under another Obama Presidency.

Paul Ryan doesn’t have enough experience.  I won’t even justify an answer to this after our having elected our present neophyte, completely unqualified President.  The difference with Paul Ryan is that he will listen and take advice and more importantly, he loves  America.

Paul Ryan isn’t running.  Yes that is right, but things change….

Time For Obama’s Actions to Reflect his Words!

By: Richard H. Frank

Barack Obama’s address to the White House press corps this morning concerning the release of his birth certificate, which was a distraction (his words) to his efforts to solve America’s problems, puts him on the spot to seriously solve the nations economic ills.

So now Mister President let’s get serious (again your words) and take the initiative to address the following National issues:

  • Adopt a cohesive, comprehensive energy policy that takes the initiative against the Mideast oil cartels to manipulate oil prices. Lift the moratorium against exploration and drilling in the U.S., and issue permits currently held up in bureaucratic agencies immediately.
  • Stop vilifying any individual, political party or private organization that takes issue with your agenda. Demonizing  the Oil, Gas and Coal industries, and calling political opponents like Donald Trump a sideshow carnival barker in lieu of a debate of the issues is less than presidential.
  • Adopt a budget plan, or legislation, that assures fiscal responsibility for the future national budgets including addressing entitlements, tax reform and deficit spending.
  • Stop the use of and repeal executive orders that circumvent Congress and are not authorized under the Constitution that impose onerous regulations on “We the People” in support of any political ideology.
  • Restore the Constitutional authority guaranteed to every State under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution and limit the size and scope of the Federal Government to those powers enumerated in the Constitution.
Mr. President, these are the issues affecting the very existence of our Republic and the well-being of every American. You are now on record again as of 9:45 am, April 27, 2011 to address the above issues and get serious about their solutions.
Once again America has heard his rhetoric, but we won’t hold our breath waiting for leadership to come from our neophyte President, Barack Obama. After all he is above such detailed analysis and solutions and will just delegate the problems to one of his Czars to come up with some progressive, Marxist pipe dream to tax our way out of these problems  and  the next crisis.

Obama’s Road Map to Economic Devastation!

By: Richard H. Frank

Listening to the President’s three-step plan to curb the escalation of gasoline prices reveals his agenda to set back the economic growth in America to that experienced in the 1970’s.

  1. Having the Justice Department investigate alleged price gouging
  2. Appointing yet another commission to investigate the Oil company price-fixing and the role of speculators in higher prices.
  3. Finally a reference to increased domestic production.
These initiatives are all smoke and mirrors that, with the exception of turning loose new exploration land development permits, are just more political rhetoric.
Additionally, Obama has no intention to grant permits for increased domestic supply of oil so long as he can support prices at the pump to reach levels that make his quest for green alternatives economically viable.
Rest assured that the quickest solution to reducing the cost of a barrel of oil would be the announcement that restrictions against domestic production would be removed immediately.
The argument that it would take years before domestic supply would impact prices at the pump is more smoke and mirrors as evidenced when the Bush Administration announced increased production near the end of his term in office. Had we actually increased production five or even ten years ago we would not be faced with $150 per barrel for Mideast oil and the unemployment rate in America would not continue to hover between 9 and 10%.
The Obama Administration is content to point its finger at the greedy oil companies making record profits but fails to point out that these same companies pay record taxes to the Federal Government.
Once again political ideology takes precedent over the welfare of “We the People” and having our leaders develop a cohesive, comprehensive national energy policy for the future.
Barack Obama needs to spend a day in the shoes of the average American faced with the upward spiral for the costs of food and every other necessity to support their families. The root cause for these escalating prices is the cost of oil dictated by the Mideast cartels.
When will the America people recognize the incompetence or ideological intent of the Obama Administration to force this nation to its knees at the altar of Mideast oil cartels instead of demanding energy independence now? Congress, acting as the representatives of “We the People” must act now and demand the lifting of moratorium against drilling offshore and encourage production in Anwar overriding a veto by Obama if necessary.
We cannot wait two more years to take action and hope that the presidential election removes Barack Obama and his administration from office.
The power of the Republic rests with the People. Now is the time to exercise that power through our Congressional representatives in the House and Senate. Make your voices heard today.

The Most Feared Words in America

by Richard H. Frank

Each time our President or member of Congress addresses the nation with a proposed solution to some social issue, we should immediately place a firm grip on our wallet.  The dreaded phrase to look out for is “I’m from the Federal Government and I am here to help.”  I thought “We the People” elected our Government officials to represent  the values and principles enumerated in our Constitution.  It now appears as though the Constitution is dead and political ideology has taken its place.

When Government usurps the free market in seeking solutions to social economic programs, those solutions ultimately come at a cost for bureaucratic administration far less efficient than within the private sector.

The classic example of Government’s destruction of a system and creation of a crisis is the Social Security system.  The facts speak for themselves and demonstrate how political ideology has destroyed a system and imposed escalating costs upon Americans far beyond the original intent of legislation.  This is a prime example of “the Federal Government is here to help!”

  • March 4, 1933 to April 12, 1945 Social Security Program introduced by FDR – a Democrat, as a completely voluntary program with contributions limited to 1% of the first $1400 of annual income. The money would be placed into a “Trust Fund,” not the General fund, and only would be used to fund the Social Security retirement program and the annuity payments to recipients would never be taxed as income.
  • In 1958 the Democratically controlled Congress voted to deposit funds collected for Society Security and put it into the General Fund for Congress to spend.  The logic was that the “Trust Fund” was so large that it could never run out.  So much for their promise to “We the People.”
  • November 22, 1963 to January 20, 1969, Lyndon B. Johnson’s Democratic Party first raided the “Trust Fund” and put it into the General Fund which was the beginning of $2.4 trillion of Congress’s theft from our senior citizens.  Additionally, the Democratic party eliminated the income tax deduction for Social Security (FICA) withholding.
  • January 10, 1993 to January 20, 2001 under the Clinton Democratic Administration.  Albert A. Gore cast the tie-breaking vote to begin taxing distributions from the Social Security annuities.
  • January 20, 1977 to January 20, 1981 under the term of Democrat Jimmy Carter, Congress voted to begin payments from the Social Security annuity to immigrants, moved to the U.S., at age 65, regardless of any participation within the Program.

In the interim, Government has created crises in Medicare, Medicaid and the Prescription Drug Program in their never-ending quest for coming to the aid of Americans by “being  here to help.”

Now the 112th Congress is faced with the enormous task to restore fiscal responsibility to the out-of-control Government spending, while attempting to retain the safety net for seniors envisioned under the original promises of Social Security.  Barack Obama and the Democrats, after repeatedly violating the original contract with “We the People,” turn around using fear tactics and tell you that the Republicans want to take Social Security away and eliminate Medicare as we know it.  The worst part about this claim is that many uninformed citizens believe this propaganda.

The 2012 Budget Proposal by Paul Ryan is the only plan of substance and detail that lays out a path to returning our nation to fiscal responsibility and prosperity.  Yet, Barack Obama and members of the Democratic Party will demonize him and his Plan as destroying the entitlements for seniors when in fact just the opposite is documented to show that they are responsible for creating the current crisis.

Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd President and Author of the Declaration of Independence had it exactly right when he said “A Government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”

We should keep these words in mind when politicians state “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.”

As General Motors Goes, So Goes the Nation!

By: Richard H. Frank

Consider the following Scenarios with regard to this old prediction:

General Motors: Rapid growth at the beginning of the 20th Century

United States of America: Rapid growth through the industrial revolution

General Motors: Consolidation of manufactring during depression.

United States: Economic stagnation during the depression.

General Motors: Emerged stronger and grew due to WWII demand.

United States: Regained economic strength during WWII.

General Motors: Unionization of auto industry following WWII.

United States: Unionization of major industries nationwide.

General Motors: Steady increase in market share through 1970s.

United States: Steady increase in GDP through the 1970s.

General Motors: Major impact on profitability due to Government regulations.

United States: Federal Government regulatory agencies increase regulations.

General Motors: 1973 first oil embargo cripples industry.

United States: Government response is increased fuel standards.

General Motors: Foreign competition increases through the 1980s.

United States: Manufacturing industries exit the U.S. seeking lower costs.

General Motors: Steady loss of market share 1980s-1990s.

United States: Transition from manufacturing economy to service society.

General Motors: Struggles for profitability entering 21st century.

United States: Federal spending results in increasing deficits.

General Motors:  Files bankruptcy 2009-Govrenment bailout for $50B

United States: 2006-2010 national debt is doubled to $14B.

General Motors: 2010 New GM future is in doubt without Government funds.

United States: 2011 Nation in Crisis  –  exceeding debt limit.

Today we find the Federal Government faced with exactly the same predicament that caused General Motors to collapse. When profits were being generated and market share grew with little or no competition management gave in to Union demands and passed on the cost of Federal regulations to the consumer. As competition developed from lower-cost foreign manufacturers market share fell steadily until the industry found it had excess capacity and unsustainable contractual commitments with unions. Productivity increases could not keep pace with low-cost manufacturers many of which were non-union or government subsidized. Profits fell to the point reinvestment in new plant and equipment disappeared. This scenario repeated itself beginning in the early 1970’s and continued for 30 years until the steel industry, textiles, clothing and shoe manufacturing all but disappeared in the United States. The Automotive Industry was the last to fall and only remained viable as long as it did by sourcing from low-cost foreign manufacturers. Today, this once great industry has been diminished to assembling components the majority of which are made by competitors of the United States.

Some may argue that General Motors just got too big, too greedy and lost control of their costs from poor management practices. Others place equal responsibility on the government interference in the free enterprise system through over regulation and the strangle hold placed on large corporations by the unions. In either case we see the same scenario playing out in government today as was the case for GM. Big industry and big Government share the same big problems with regard to managing costs.

State and Federal Government agencies have fallen into the same trap of believing there was no end to the economic generating power of the private sector in the U.S. The Federal and State bureaucracies have continued to grow at an alarming rate. In the past three years alone the number of employees at the federal level has doubled to the point it outnumbers the private sector employment. These bureaucratic positions rely upon the private sector to fund their existence and pay their wages and benefits. At the state and local level many of these positions are unionized with unsustainable work rules and benefit plans. When the takers outnumber the makers bankruptcy is just around the corner. At the Federal level the government continues to print money and borrows 42 cents for every dollar it spends reducing the value and purchasing power of the dollar for every American. Every citizen continues to pay for the Governments uncontrolled appetite for spending and legislating entitlements which cannot ever be paid. Like it or not the old adage appears to be true. “As goes General Motors, so goes the nation.” Make no mistake the United States of America is indeed bankrupt and should Congress vote to raise the debt ceiling once again without enacting drastic spending reforms we are destined to default as a nation and wind up without someone to bail us out as we did for the New General Motors. When that day arrives what flag will be flying over our Nation’s capital?

Congress and the President had better heed the lesson of General Motors and quit playing politics when considering the 2012 budget proposal from Paul Ryan. Then and only then should any consideration be given to increasing the national debt limit.

Terrorists Among Us!

by Richard H. Frank

The media feeding frenzy is gaining momentum as the leadership failure continues in Washington, D.C. to resolve the 2011 budget by Congress.  Listening to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and other Democrats expound upon the results of achieving fiscal responsibility is equal to taking food out of the mouths of children, condemning our senior citizens to certain death and ceasing of non-essential services constituting Armageddon is laughable.

Suddenly, Barack Obama and the Democrat leadership in Congress have religion when it comes to Government spending.  They all sing the same words from their hymnal of hypocrisy stating that out of control spending must be curtailed everywhere except for their ideological, Progressive pet programs.  How stupid do these arrogant, pompous individuals think “We the People” are?

The budget presented by the President contains $1.65 trillion deficit spending, the majority of which is driven by the Obama signature legislation “Obamacare” and his agenda to achieve green energy and curtail climate change through legislative fiat.

Our President and the Democrats in Congress could care less about senior citizens and the welfare of our children and grandchildren.  Their only agenda is to impose control over each and every individual in this Country until we achieve their utopian ideal.  Power and punishing achievement in the name of fairness through redistribution of wealth is their means to achieve their end.

Have the leaders of this Nation strayed so far from the values and principles upon which we were founded that we are now a nation of “takers” dependent upon the handouts provided by Big Brother to sustain our meager existence?  What will happen when the “takers” outnumber the “makers,” those that make this Nation survive? The answer to this question has been provided by both the President’s Commission on Deficit Spending and by Paul Ryan in the 2012 Congressional Budget.

Yet, there are the fear mongers that use the scare tactics of evoking children and senior citizens as the straw men to support their inaction to resolved our fiscal dilemma.  These people, aided by the liberal media, constitute the “terrorists among us.”

Americans are not children and are fully capable of making the sacrifices needed to bring our Nation back to prosperity and retire our debt.  The leaders we elect to represent us need to set ideology aside and get to work bringing our fiscal house in order.

It seems to me that they should begin with those Government services deemed unessential in the event of a Government shutdown to eliminate spending.  If unessential, why are they needed in the first place?

The “Real” Reason Not to Re-Elect Barack Obama!

by Richard H. Frank and Jayne D. Frank

News reports state that President Obama is about to announce his candidacy to run for re-election in the 2012 national Presidential elections.  The announcement is purported to be coming to the electorate in the form of a video that will highlight the accomplishments of his Administration over the past two years.

Somehow the Obama spin doctors will attempt to convince Americans that the politics of “hope and change,” coupled with the greatest level of Government transparency in history, has saved this nation from certain disaster.  The Obama “war chest” (campaign funding) is reportedly approaching $1 billion that will be spent inundating the public with a nonstop barrage of political ads proclaiming his Administration’s accomplishments.  A taped video will have a number of advantages for him:  1) He can immediately place this on Facebook and other social media sites and seduce the young uninformed voters that foolishly voted for him in large numbers in 2008 predicated on undefined “Hope and Change”, 2) It will enable his “handlers” to get his body language right on tape  and ensure that any lies are edited out, and 3) It will once again make sure he is only speaking off his teleprompters to avoid any extemporaneous answers to hard questions.  You can expect the following myths to be the cornerstone of President Obama’s Presidential Re-election campaign:

  • The Affordable Health Care Law.  Arguably “Unconstitutional” in that it forces every American to buy insurance or face a fine under this law.
  • Stimulus spending that has saved or created up to 3 million American jobs
  • Nationalization of GM and Chrysler in order to preserve the American auto industry
  • TARP spending that saved the American financial system from the brink of disaster
  • His declaration that 85% of the Nation’s energy needs will be provided by green technology in 2035

Each of these programs has been presented as being the most transparent in our nation’s history.  Transparency is a most interesting term for use by a politician.  The American Heritage Dictionary uses some of the following definitions to describe how the term might be applied:  1) The quality or state of being transparent; guileless, candid, 2) Guileless refers to being free from treachery, cunning, deceit or trickery, 3) Candid means straightforward, free from prejudice and impartial.

Notice none of the above definitions is so crass so as to use the term “liar,” and therefore allows politicians to walk the very narrow line between the “truth and nothing but the truth” and outright “lying.”

A closer look at the Obama Administration’s signature accomplishments in view of transparency shows the following statements do not meet the definition for transparency:

The Affordable Health Care Law does not or will not achieve the President’s proclamations as follows:

  • If you like your plan you can keep it
  • The average family will save $2500/yr
  • The plan will insure 30 million currently uninsured
  • Services will not be rationed and  fraud and waste will be eliminated
  • The plan is fully paid for and will not add to the deficit

Stimulus spending has saved or created up to 3 million jobs.

  • If 3 million jobs were saved or created and we spent $816 billion in stimulus funding, each job cost the American taxpayer $272,000.
  • There were no shovel-ready projects according to a recent admission by Barack Obama.
  • Private sector jobs were not created by stimulus spending but Government-sector jobs increased by 1 million which must be paid by private sector taxation which experienced no growth and contracted by more than six million over the past two years.

The American automotive industry has been saved by Obama’s forced bankruptcy and redistribution of assets between Government, the unions and special interests.

  • GM has repaid all the Government loans ahead of schedule and is a monumental success.  Congressional oversight reports it estimates the taxpayer will be out $25 billion and when sweetheart tax exemptions are included we may expect the total cost to taxpayers to be  $84 billion dollars.  If this equals success for the Obama Administration, I would hate to know what constitutes failure.

TARP spending saved the nation’s financial system from certain disaster.

  • Major banks were bailed out by taxpayers with the promise that troubled assets would be addressed through refinancing debt or mortgage modifications.
  • The real estate market has collapsed and banks are doing nothing to support individual  home loan modification programs as touted by the Obama Administration.
  • Thirteen percent of residences are vacant or abandoned across the nation with values forecast to plunge an additional 25% over the coming year, bringing down the average home value and destroying equity for most of the remaining occupied homes for decades to come.
  • Currently more than six million homes are either in or facing foreclosures.
  • Continued deterioration in the real estate market caused by Government over-manipulation may be the precurser to a double-dip recession.

Green technology to account for 85% of the Nation’s energy needs by 2035 is unrealistic and unachievable since there is no known technology other than nuclear power with the capacity to replace fossil fuels.  Obama and his Administration has been anti-development of fossil fuels in the United States through regulations, and moratoriums against exploration in Anwar as well as offshore on the Continental Shelf.   He has continually circumvented the will of the Congress and the Will of the People with the creation of more than 35 Czars charged with creation and implementation of onerous regulations that stifle energy independence and ultimately economic growth for the country.

The past two years under the Obama Administration has presented the potential opponents with a plethora of video sound bites with which to mount a effective campaign against his re-election.  President Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s own words create the best case against their re-election in 2012.  All the soaring rhetoric and empty promises of hope and change will not erase the reality of his record and pain being felt across this country.

Nonetheless, there will remain a segment of the electorate that will continue to drink the Koolaid of mutual destruction of the nation and vote for Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, these uninformed individuals have no knowledge or understanding of the values and principles upon which this great country was built.

The greatest gift Obama could give his Party and the nation would be to follow the good sense shown by Lyndon Johnson and change his upcoming announcement to say that “he would not seek, nor would he accept, the nomination of his Party for President of the United States,” for a second term.

Then again, we can dream, can’t we?