The Cycle of Ignorance.

By: Richard H. Frank

Whether you believe in a divine creator, God, Allah, or Nature as a basis for your individual belief system, history shows that the one characteristic held by man alone is that he is the only creature on earth that creates a whole new set of needs once he has satisfied a previous need. Eventually, with knowledge gained and technology advances, man arrogantly believes he is greater than the Earth he inhabits and Mother Nature’s laws that he would subvert and change were it within his province and sphere of influence to do so.

The forces of nature such as volcanoes, earth quakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, draught and floods, all hold domain over each and every government, community or other form of human existence ever conceived by the individual, or man.

Obviously man does not possess, nor will he ever possess such power, and therefore over the millennia has focused his sphere of influence over those communities  much smaller and closer to his than to those of greater size. Thus, we have created Nations, Religions and Ethnic or Racial spheres of influence that hold fast to certain religious, political and economic ideologies that we find in our world today.

Since the beginning of recorded time, man has resorted to bribery, lies, force, murder and war as the tools with which his individual sphere of influence might be expanded. The end result of this carnage of man against man is akin to the bursting of bubbles where only the size of the space they occupy and their shape is changed until the next force is applied from within, not by man but the laws of nature, to return balance to the status quo and a return to harmony.

Mans arrogant lust for power and to hold domain over his neighbor and ultimately the entire world is subject to the forces of nature whether man will admit it or not. The cycle of harmony and peace, to war and oppression seems to occur in a 30 to 70 year time-frame. Is it possible that the laws of nature provide a cleansing of the world by imposing a life cycle for man of 3 score and 10 years?

Today, in the Middle East, we see evidence of this cycle repeating itself once again. Rulers, some dictators, are being challenged by their people to either relinquish rule, or to moderate their government policies toward more democratic principles. The risk is that these nations may fall into the hands of despotic, theological leaders intent on enslaving the people such as happened in Iran. Could it be that the laws of nature are truly at work once again in an effort to restore harmony and balance in a world filled with turbulence and strife?

A study of history reveals the presence of the 30/70 year cycle and how the human race will suffer oppression for only so long before resorting to rebellion in order to affect a change in circumstances. America must heed the lessons of history to avoid placing our destiny in the hands of despot’s intent on transforming our nation into something other than a Representative Republic.  Germany’s Hitler, Italy’s Mussolini, and Cuba’s Castro were all cheered as saviors until they rose to a position of power sufficient to crush their opposition with force. Then and only then were their true colors revealed.

Democracy is a wonderful thing, but as stated in its definition can and does often result in mob rule. Our Representative Republic has survived as a democratic form of government for 235 years only because it is founded upon nature’s laws and governance of, by and for the people.  In any democracy we must guard against having the voice of the minority override the welfare and security of the majority, as evidenced in some States by demonstrations against legislation to bring fiscal responsible reform to government. Mob rule must not and cannot prevail in the United States of America.

Should “We the People” fail to study history we risk falling prey to the cycle of ignorance and will place our very freedom in jeopardy.

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