America Held Hostage!

by Richard H. Frank

Listening to al the political pundits standing in support of the chaos in Egypt as the move to democracy necessary to achieve ‘social justice” for millions in the Middle East, I can only wonder where they have all been for the past 30 years.  The answer is that they have been right here in the good old USA enjoying the freedoms guaranteed to each of us under our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  Suddenly, the support given in the past  to the Mubarak-controlled government in Egypt by both Republican and Democrat administrations is viewed as having supported a tyrannical dictatorship.

These individuals, whether they be politicians, journalists or educators, seem to have developed amnesia where history is concerned with regard to North Africa, Egypt and the Suez Canal in particular.

During World War II the axis powers of Germany and Italy recognized that whoever controlled the Suez Canal controlled the world oil supply.  That is why Field Marshall Rommel was sent to North Africa to secure the lifeline to the West for the Nazis.  The past 70 years following the end of the war, all administrations have supported whatever regime was in power in Egypt.

The appetite for cheap oil in the West over-shadowed political ideology just so long as “black gold” continued to flow through the Suez Canal.

The Mid-East oil-producing countries, and the oil cartel in particular, have a stake in who controls Suez as well. Without access to Suez they would be required to ship crude oil an additional 6000 miles around the African Continent to continue supply to the West.  The most telling comment came from the cartel which stated they were prepared to increase production in order to offset any curtailment in supply due to the increased distance to reach refineries in the West.

This statement shows just how vulnerable our Country is with regard to the Mid-East oil supply and their control of our economic well-being.  To parody a line from an old Sinatra song,  “the cartels have the world on a string, they can make the price rise every time they move their finger,” Americans pay the price.  Should Egypt or more Mid-East countries fall under control of the Muslim Brotherhood American can be brought to her knees and held hostage for oil.

You will not hear the Obama Administration or Hillary Clinton ever admit to the real motives behind our foreign policy in the Mid-East.  Should the price for continued supply of oil to the West be to abandon Israel, our current Administration would not hesitate to turn their back on our long-term ally.

While our continuing supply of oil rests on the fate of retaining good relations in Yemen, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, we do nothing here in America to achieve energy independence.  Instead the Federal Government ignores the ruling by Federal Courts against imposition of moratorium against off-shore drilling and exploration and development of resources in Federal-owned lands.  Initiatives for green energy will do nothing to power our military should it become necessary to defend this nation against foreign aggression or embargo of oil supply from the Mid-East.

There should be no question about what drives our foreign policy in the Mid-East.  It is all about oil!  Should our Government not wake up and adopt a policy for energy independence, our grandchildren will have to speak Arabic in the future and pray to Mecca five times a day.

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