Political Waterloo!

by Richard H. Frank

Every politician that aspires to the Presidency of the United States of America needs to recognize the need for establishing a concise, cohesive policy to achieve energy independence within the next decade.  Concise and cohesive means achievable and not the “pie in the sky” green initiatives championed by the Obama Administration.  President Obama’s prediction is that 85% of energy generated by 2035 would be produced using green technology.  Today,  lacking a massive breakthrough, green technology is incapable of meeting such an aggressive targeted projection.

Over the past four decades Government under control of administrations from both political parties, has done nothing to create a plan for energy independence let alone maintain the status quo relative to supply. Government has, in the name of protecting the planet, mortgaged the income off every American to support Middle East oil.  Our dependence  on foreign oil has risen from 40% in the early 1970s to over 60% today.  Each time we pump gasoline for our personal use we must recognize that our dollars are being sent abroad and not utilized to stimulate our economy in America.

The untapped natural domestic resources in the U.S. are sufficient to power our economy for more than 100 years.

Instead of stimulating exploration and development of our existing recourses to meet the energy needs of American, our Government has spent over $820 billion to create or save jobs through unregulated stimulus programs.  According to the CBO, each job saved or created cost us, the taxpayer, $228,000.

So now, with chaos in the Middle East, we see oil prices per barrel skyrocketing.  Forty-five years since our last refinery was built and fifteen years since the last nuclear power generating plant was commissioned.  This represents the dismal record of our Government in the U.S.

Like it or not, oil is the life blood that has nourished and sustained our way of life in America.  Should Government continue to stand in the way of offshore drilling, shale oil extraction, clean coal technology and expansion of nuclear power generation, we will be relegated to Third World Nation status.

“Drill Here, Drill Now” and  “all of the above” with regard to efficient productive expansion of our natural energy resources must be the basis of our energy policy.

It is not just the cost per gallon of gasoline that we need to be aware of, but every product that is derived from fossil fuels.  Food, clothing, chemicals, plastics and synthetics used in our daily lives will skyrocket.  When we can no longer afford to fill our automobiles with gasoline, heat our houses and afford food for our families we may get the message.

Energy is destined to be the Waterloo for any political movement that does not wake up and step forward with a plan to achieve energy independence.

What will it take for America to wake up?  $5, $6 or $10/gallon  gasoline and increasing electric costs per Kwh to cause us to make a choice between lighting in our homes or putting food on our tables?

The Cycle of Ignorance.

By: Richard H. Frank

Whether you believe in a divine creator, God, Allah, or Nature as a basis for your individual belief system, history shows that the one characteristic held by man alone is that he is the only creature on earth that creates a whole new set of needs once he has satisfied a previous need. Eventually, with knowledge gained and technology advances, man arrogantly believes he is greater than the Earth he inhabits and Mother Nature’s laws that he would subvert and change were it within his province and sphere of influence to do so.

The forces of nature such as volcanoes, earth quakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, draught and floods, all hold domain over each and every government, community or other form of human existence ever conceived by the individual, or man.

Obviously man does not possess, nor will he ever possess such power, and therefore over the millennia has focused his sphere of influence over those communities  much smaller and closer to his than to those of greater size. Thus, we have created Nations, Religions and Ethnic or Racial spheres of influence that hold fast to certain religious, political and economic ideologies that we find in our world today.

Since the beginning of recorded time, man has resorted to bribery, lies, force, murder and war as the tools with which his individual sphere of influence might be expanded. The end result of this carnage of man against man is akin to the bursting of bubbles where only the size of the space they occupy and their shape is changed until the next force is applied from within, not by man but the laws of nature, to return balance to the status quo and a return to harmony.

Mans arrogant lust for power and to hold domain over his neighbor and ultimately the entire world is subject to the forces of nature whether man will admit it or not. The cycle of harmony and peace, to war and oppression seems to occur in a 30 to 70 year time-frame. Is it possible that the laws of nature provide a cleansing of the world by imposing a life cycle for man of 3 score and 10 years?

Today, in the Middle East, we see evidence of this cycle repeating itself once again. Rulers, some dictators, are being challenged by their people to either relinquish rule, or to moderate their government policies toward more democratic principles. The risk is that these nations may fall into the hands of despotic, theological leaders intent on enslaving the people such as happened in Iran. Could it be that the laws of nature are truly at work once again in an effort to restore harmony and balance in a world filled with turbulence and strife?

A study of history reveals the presence of the 30/70 year cycle and how the human race will suffer oppression for only so long before resorting to rebellion in order to affect a change in circumstances. America must heed the lessons of history to avoid placing our destiny in the hands of despot’s intent on transforming our nation into something other than a Representative Republic.  Germany’s Hitler, Italy’s Mussolini, and Cuba’s Castro were all cheered as saviors until they rose to a position of power sufficient to crush their opposition with force. Then and only then were their true colors revealed.

Democracy is a wonderful thing, but as stated in its definition can and does often result in mob rule. Our Representative Republic has survived as a democratic form of government for 235 years only because it is founded upon nature’s laws and governance of, by and for the people.  In any democracy we must guard against having the voice of the minority override the welfare and security of the majority, as evidenced in some States by demonstrations against legislation to bring fiscal responsible reform to government. Mob rule must not and cannot prevail in the United States of America.

Should “We the People” fail to study history we risk falling prey to the cycle of ignorance and will place our very freedom in jeopardy.

$816 Billion of Misguided Stimulus Spending

By: Richard H. Frank 

America has finally been awakened and told the truth by Barack Obama regarding “Shovel Ready Projects” as having been nonexistent. Nonetheless the Administration continues to claim up to 3 million jobs saved or created due to their spending initiatives to date of approximately $400 billion. In essence the American taxpayer has subsidized each alleged job created or saved by $133,000 dollars. The truth is that since 2009 unemployment has increased 2.8 million in spite of his misdirected stimulus spending spree. Those supporters of the progressive liberal agenda to spend our way to prosperity will contend that hindsight is 20/20 and had it not been for the stimulus the condition would have been much worse.

The facts are that the Obama administration and the 111th Congress ignored the proven initiatives of the past that have truly stimulated our economy and created jobs in America. The evidence is overwhelming with regard to the initiatives that are necessary to assure survival of our Republic. Achieving energy independence, lowering the corporate tax rate and removing restrictive regulations for economic growth are the initiatives that will quickly accelerate growth of our economy, and the return to prosperity for millions of Americans. 

The Obama administration has embarked upon a quest for clean energy and stands in opposition to any and all expansion of fossil fuel being used to bring independence from foreign sources for energy. The shameful truth is that government has stood in the way of our move toward energy independence for over 40 years. It has been over 35 years since the last refinery was built in the United States. Additionally, billions of dollars have been mandated on the oil industry to upgrade old refineries in order to meet new regulations for sulfur content in gasoline and diesel fuels. The last nuclear reactor licensed in the U.S. was in 1973 and did not come on line until 1996. Fifteen years have passed without investing in one of the most efficient and clean energy producing systems. The war against fossil fuels is further evidenced by the government moratorium against offshore drilling in the Golf of Mexico.

A study published in 2009 examined the repatriation of the nuclear manufacturing industry in the United States. The study examined deployment of up to 41 new Generation III units ranging in capacity from 1200 to 1500 megawatts (MWe) capable of meeting an estimated demand of 50,000 MW of new generating capacity by 2020 assuming initiating construction in 2009. The estimated costs to construct these 41 facilities would be $205 billion which is less than half of the stimulus dollars already spent.

Additionally, it is estimated that in addition to producing the lowest cost per kWh to consumers, up to 610,000 new jobs would be added to the U.S. economy. The repatriation program would add up to 38,000 nuclear manufacturing jobs, 79,000 plant construction jobs and another 250,000 jobs in the non-nuclear industries throughout America.

Instead of pursuing this proven technology as was done in European countries, such as Obama’s model France, our President is content to push wind and solar technology at a cost of 3 to 4 times that of nuclear plant production. Each Nuclear plant is estimated to produce $430 million in sales (value) and contribute to local and federal tax revenues.

Perhaps the administration should review the history of electrical production in the United States and make decisions based of experience and opposed to the special interest propaganda of the day. An example of this data is contained in the following chart:

Power Producing Sources Arranged by Efficiency/Unit in Operation 2006

Power                          Operating        Billion kWh/                % of Annual     Ratio to one

Source                         Units                Unit in operation         Production       Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Power             104                  7.57                             19.4                 1 to 1

Petroleum Coke           31                   1.48                               1.1                 5 to 1


Coal Fired                    1460                1.366                           49.1                 5.5 to  1


Hydroelectric               4138                0.681                           7                     11.1 to 1

Fuel Oil                           13                 0.654                           0.2                   11.5 to 1

Combined                    1686                0.299                           12.4                 25.3 to 1

Cycle Natural Gas

Natural Gas                   766                0.2                               3.9                   37.8 to 1

Fuel Boiler

Biomass                        270                270                              1.3                   38.3 to 1

Incinerators                    96                 0.128                           0.3                   59.1 to 1

Wind Power                 341                 0.088                           0.7                   86.1 to 1

Solar Energy                  31                  0.067                           0.1                   112.9 to 1

Geothermal                 215                 0.063                           0.3                   120 to 1

Combustion                 2882                0.051                           3.6                   148.4 to 1



Oil Fired Boilers          327                 0.02                             7.8                   378.5 to 1

Diesel Generators       4514                0.003                           0.3                   2523 to 1        

Two years have been lost in our effort to achieve energy independence along with over $200 billion spent on saving or creating jobs that cannot be confirmed. There remains approximately $200 billion in stimulus funding yet to be assigned for designated usage. These funds should either be returned to the treasury in order to offset a portion of the deficit or designated to projects such as achieving energy independence (e.g., nuclear restoration programs.) 

Instead the Obama 2012 budget of $3.7 trillion contains over $1.6 trillion in deficit spending for such costly, inefficient and unproven technologies as solar and wind energy production. The 112th Congress needs to stand strong against this budget and focus on spending that will increase economic activity while positioning the United States toward achieving energy independence. 

Contact your congressional representatives and demand a return to fiscally responsible spending and forcing legislation that encourages economic growth and allows the free market to create jobs.

America Held Hostage!

by Richard H. Frank

Listening to al the political pundits standing in support of the chaos in Egypt as the move to democracy necessary to achieve ‘social justice” for millions in the Middle East, I can only wonder where they have all been for the past 30 years.  The answer is that they have been right here in the good old USA enjoying the freedoms guaranteed to each of us under our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  Suddenly, the support given in the past  to the Mubarak-controlled government in Egypt by both Republican and Democrat administrations is viewed as having supported a tyrannical dictatorship.

These individuals, whether they be politicians, journalists or educators, seem to have developed amnesia where history is concerned with regard to North Africa, Egypt and the Suez Canal in particular.

During World War II the axis powers of Germany and Italy recognized that whoever controlled the Suez Canal controlled the world oil supply.  That is why Field Marshall Rommel was sent to North Africa to secure the lifeline to the West for the Nazis.  The past 70 years following the end of the war, all administrations have supported whatever regime was in power in Egypt.

The appetite for cheap oil in the West over-shadowed political ideology just so long as “black gold” continued to flow through the Suez Canal.

The Mid-East oil-producing countries, and the oil cartel in particular, have a stake in who controls Suez as well. Without access to Suez they would be required to ship crude oil an additional 6000 miles around the African Continent to continue supply to the West.  The most telling comment came from the cartel which stated they were prepared to increase production in order to offset any curtailment in supply due to the increased distance to reach refineries in the West.

This statement shows just how vulnerable our Country is with regard to the Mid-East oil supply and their control of our economic well-being.  To parody a line from an old Sinatra song,  “the cartels have the world on a string, they can make the price rise every time they move their finger,” Americans pay the price.  Should Egypt or more Mid-East countries fall under control of the Muslim Brotherhood American can be brought to her knees and held hostage for oil.

You will not hear the Obama Administration or Hillary Clinton ever admit to the real motives behind our foreign policy in the Mid-East.  Should the price for continued supply of oil to the West be to abandon Israel, our current Administration would not hesitate to turn their back on our long-term ally.

While our continuing supply of oil rests on the fate of retaining good relations in Yemen, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, we do nothing here in America to achieve energy independence.  Instead the Federal Government ignores the ruling by Federal Courts against imposition of moratorium against off-shore drilling and exploration and development of resources in Federal-owned lands.  Initiatives for green energy will do nothing to power our military should it become necessary to defend this nation against foreign aggression or embargo of oil supply from the Mid-East.

There should be no question about what drives our foreign policy in the Mid-East.  It is all about oil!  Should our Government not wake up and adopt a policy for energy independence, our grandchildren will have to speak Arabic in the future and pray to Mecca five times a day.