Where’s the Beef?

by Richard H. Frank

During the State of the Union address, our President championed investment in our infrastructure.  If my memory serves me correctly he requested and was given $1. trillion for shovel-ready projects by Congress for infrastructure rebuilding and to keep unemployment under 8.0%.  It would appear that our President has a very short memory and in addition owes every American an accounting as to how the $1 trillion was spent.  After all, he is supposed to be the leader of the most transparent administration in our entire history.

I could not help but equate his speech with the movie “Ground Hog Day.”  He kept repeating the same litany of promises we have heard over and over again since his campaign for President in 2008.  The biggest joke was his pledge to veto any legislation containing “earmarks” that came to his desk – even Joe Biden cracked up by that broken promise.

Predictably he attempted to change the language to show he had moved to the center with his policies to govern.  New legislation will now be a “shared responsibility” following the massive Democrat defeat during the 2010 mid-term election.  When did the Democrats and his administration ever take responsibility for the damage done to this Republic by their control for the past two years?

It seems to me we have “heard the song before” with regard to “reforming the Government,” “investing in clean technology,” “reinventing our energy policy.”  What energy policy?

I could go on for pages scutling almost every hollow statement he made during this pathetic attempt to make Americans believe the recession has ended and America is on a path to economic recovery.

President Obama failed to acknowledge our Government has a spending problem and not a revenue problem.  This State o f the Union address failed to meet the Constitutional requirement to truthfully advise Congress and America on the general health and welfare of the Nation.  In essence, there was no substance to his address and at best it was a poor campaign effort on his part.

America expects and deserves more from all of our elected Representatives and especially our President!

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