Obamacare: Prescription for Disaster!

by Richard H. Frank

To quote the now infamous words of Nancy Pelosi regarding the Affordable Health Care Act: “We need to pass it to find out what’s in it.” Certainly no Congressman read the 2700 page monstrosity before they voted for it in 2009 against the Will of the their constituents.

Now the newly elected 112th House of Representatives has voted to repeal this onerous piece of legislation.  Their legislation to repeal the Act faces defeat in the Democrat Congress and ultimately should the Senate adopt the law, a Veto by Barack Obama.

The prospect of non-action in the Senate and a Presidential Veto should not and must not deter pursuit of repeal by “We the People.”  The Democrats in Congress continue to claim that Obamacare is not a Government take-over of health care in America in spite of the documented 1968 powers for regulation contained in the law given to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” provides for the following that in my mind constitutes Government control of health care in America:

  • Imposition of intrusive Federal control of the American health insurance delivery system.
  • The actions the Administration will take to try to achieve the goals of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will affect every American’s health care.
  • The Law requires that HHSS’s definition of “essential health benefits” “reflect an appropriate balance among” the general categories of service.  Some bureaucrat will decide what the “appropriate balance” is with regard to:
  1. diagnostic services
  2. how long symptoms are experienced
  3. types of chemotherapy allowed
  4. available preventive measures

Newt Gingrich recently outlined the intrusive nature and controlling aspects of powers granted to the Secretary of HHS in an article entitled “1968 Reasons to Repeal Health Care.”

Consider the following:

  • The Secretary will decide what prescription drugs seniors may access
  • She will instruct physicians and nurses how to administer drugs to patients in long-term care facilities
  • The Secretary will determine how dentists and hygenists should perform examinations on your teeth.
  • HHS can override states on insurable rates (so much for shopping for insurance across state lines)
  • The Secretary can use comparative effectiveness research to determine access to care for seniors (so much for not coming between you and your doctor) e.g., the British National Health Service
  • She can use comparative effectiveness to determine access to care for seniors.

When it comes to Obamacare, you can forget about all the privacy protections granted to you under previous HIPPA legislation.  Insurance companies are in the process of advising their policyholders of the change that the law has on their personal medical files.

Here is a summary of what our insurance company informed their policyholders regarding Obamacare:

  1. Your personal medical information may be given to family and friends, even if you stated otherwise in writing;
  2. The government may use your personal medical information “to support treatment…”
  3. Your medical information may be provided to all agencies of the Federal government and “legally mandated entities.
  4. The government can access your information for “quality assessment, public health, special government functions such as national security and intelligence and medical suitability determinations.”
  5. HHS will also use your personal medical data to “manage health care service.”

Of course in this notice you are told that you are entitled to accounting of where your personal medical file and information is released but the government is not required to disclose their release of information made for “treatment or health care operations” or other such gobbledygook.

In order words, the HIPPA program is a sham and we have no privacy anymore.  But keep your head up because we have the ability to write to Health & Human Services if we have a complaint (the same agency that now is responsible for 2,650 new subagencies and bureaucracies created by Obamacare.)

We have only two years to stop implementation of this socialist takeover of health care in America.  In order to assure its repeal and avoid the risk that it will be deemed Constitutional by the liberal members of our Supreme Court, we must all work to assure Barack Obama and the liberal Democrats in the House and Senate are defeated in the 2012 General Election.

Obama has begun his $1 billion campaign for re-election with a preceived pivot toward the center.  Don’t be fooled by the move the to the center, but remember how he governed the first two years of his Presidency. Consider what he would do if re-elected in 2012 where he could ramrod regulations through around Congressional consent to achieve his socialist ideals.

Barack Obama is one leopard that cannot and will not change his spots!

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