President Obama Desperate about Jobs

by Richard H. Frank

The message of the 2010 mid-term elections has finally begun to sink in for the Obama Administration and Democrat members of the Senate.  Suddenly, in a matter of less than 90 days following the massive defeat of Democrats in the House of Representatives, President Obama has switched his rhetoric from demonizing business to proposing reduction in regulation of business and encouraging tax incentives for hiring to improve job creation in America.

The Repeal vote in the House of Representatives of Obamacare, whether symbolic or not, has placed the President and all Democrats that support Government-controlled health care on notice that they are in jeopardy in the coming 2012 election.

However, be vigilant and listen carefully to any promise emanating from the lips of Barack Obama.  For the past two years his policies for redistribution of wealth and passage of legislation that retards economic growth cannot be changed by his rhetoric and empty promises.

The quickest actions within the power of the Administration and Congress to promote economic growth and ease the unemployment situation resides in three specific areas.  First:  To achieve a balanced budget and stop uncontrolled spending.  Second:  To reduce the corporate tax rate for businesses from 35% downward in the range of 20%.  Third:  to remove the shackles from businesses and entrepreneurs that would truly achieve energy independence in America.  Remove restrictions on domestic oil exploration, off-shore drilling and development of Anwar.  Expand nuclear power capacity and improve the delivery grid across our nation.  And most of all, stop spreading the misinformation that the only way to achieve energy independence is to put taxpayer subsidies into businesses which will only create batteries for cars that people don’t want and wind-generating equipment that isn’t proven to work and save money in the long run and that the American people don’t want as well.

Should these “real energy initiatives” be undertaken our economy would spring to life and create jobs beyond the wildest expectations of Government economists.

Instead, President Obama and the Congressional Democrats would rather manipulate the methods by which unemployment is calculated and attempt to count jobs saved or created as indicators of economic improvement.  When the numbers do not support the Administration’s contention they just change how the numbers are calculated (“by any means possible”).

Today, however, Americans are far too well-informed and are critically aware of their real economic situations than to just accept what the Government purports as fact.

You may expect to see over the next 12 months that the unemployment numbers will be reduced to a level well below 9%.  This may, in fact, be the result of increased employment from the need to replenish inventories depleted over the past three years, or from manipulation of the calculations for political purposes.  Like it or not, the campaign for holding political office in 2012 in well underway!

Beware Obama’s seeming to have moved towards the center as he governs.  He is an ideologue and his political agenda has not changed.  Watch what he does and not what he says.  The next 23 months are critical to Barack Obama’s political survival as President of the United States and for those Democrats up for election in 2012.  These months are also critical to the survival of our Republic as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

Clearly, the old adage that says “Don’t believe everything you hear and only half of what you see” is appropriate for each of us to remember over the next two years.

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