Bob Cesca’s Criticism of Sarah Palin

After my mouth dropped this morning reading which is an article about Sarah Palin’s speech written by Bob Cesca on the Huffington Post, I read more about his background, and it is truly sad to me what a person with a college degree in Political Science has done with his life to date.  He has taken his education and worked  in such shows as the Don & Mike Show,  the Bob & Elvis show, and Camp Chaos.  What a waste!  When I compare him to other people I know of his age who are doing great things for our country, it makes me realize what drove him to write this article – he has no purpose other than to detest Sarah Palin for being born.

In the article he refers to endeavors with her Alaska program as “white trashy” and calls her a “nincompoop”, slams males in the baby boomer generation with profoundly ugly references and uses words to describe Sarah’s speech such as stupid, whine, histrionic, mentally retarded, laughable, not serious and talks about her slogans about America’s greatness as “fridge magnets.”

Being the mom of a girl around the age of Christina Green who was killed in Arizona, Sarah tactfully waited for some days to come forward and talk about this tragedy and probably would have waited longer to defend herself but for the hateful jabs she was getting in the media for her perceived role in the Arizona deaths.  I won’t even justify Cesca’s rant with a response about this, but I would suggest he look into his soul about what he has done with his life to this point, search out some guidance from God, and then just then, perhaps he will know how wasted his career path has been thus far.

I am not a person that believes Sarah Palin should be our next President, but I do feel strongly that Cesca’s hatred of her needs to be toned down and their focus perhaps put on ways to help alleviate the anti-business, high unemployment, debt-ridden condition of our Country.  Perhaps then, we could see that his college education and Political Science degree has been put to good use.

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