Don’t Exploit the Giffords Tragedy!

by Jayne Frank

Having had a sister with brain trauma, I spent yesterday in prayer and agony thinking of the pain that is now being felt by the families of Congresswoman Giffords and the others who either died or are hospitalized in Arizona.  That pain and the long  journey towards recuperation is something that cannot be known by many Americans.

Within hours of this massacre by a deranged young man, we had the Sheriff’s office saying that it is the result of the vitriol in America and especially in Arizona.  The news media outlets and journalists are burning up their pens and computers at this very moment on stories indicating that Sarah Palin, the Tea Party movement and “angry” Americans are to blame and should be investigated and stopped before this becomes a regular occurrence.

This was nothing more than a derelict act of a bored, manipulated, mentally unstable young man, who was in fact obviously angry, but blame must lay squarely where it belongs.  This is a country with massive unemployment, and many of those people have been unemployed for years and some will not find steady employment again.What happens to idle hands and minds that have nothing to do each day but think and spend time on social networks?  This is a country where our borders are so porous, allowing millions of illegals and drug/weapons smugglers to come across our southern borders every year and where people are reading every day of dozens of beheadings just across our border.   This is also a country where our freedoms are being assaulted every day by our own government where many people feel afraid for their futures.

So, rather than blame this event on Sarah Palin, who doesn’t have a violent bone in her body, or on the Tea Party Movement, I ask for positive action from our Government to help solve this problem.  The old saying about “idle hands and idle minds” is never more true than it is today.   Get people back to work and give young people the incentives and encouragement to finish their higher educations to be able to think positively about their futures. Take the shackles off Corporations in this country so that they will start hiring again.  And most importantly, you can quell some of the anger in Arizona by securing our borders and stop pitting one group of people in Arizona against each other.    This morning, I awoke not to thoughts and prayers for the Arizona victims of yesterday’s violence, but to headlines that our President is considering internet ID directives in the name of “password ease” for all Americans, and now his resolve will only be heightened by what happened yesterday and any such action will punish all Americans for the actions of just one.

As a final thought, even though this young man was 22, he was in his parent’s home.  What happened to personal responsibility of them for allowing this young man to become so mentally disturbed?  It was reported that there was a shrine in the back yard with a skull on it made by Jared Lee; there were dream journals, he had a history of pot use, there were letters, envelopes and other evidence found in his room, and of course, he bought the gun in November.  The father indicated, according to news sources, that he didn’t know what to do with him because he was “out of control.”  The father evidently knew about how troubled and more violent his  son was becoming.  Even though an adult, those parents had some options and rights available to them:  1) go through his room for evidence of something wrong, 2) call the authorities, 3) get him help, or 4) throw him out of their home.  They did none of these and now 6 people are dead, a couple dozen injured, and many other lives in their communities are changed forever.   For those of you that say they couldn’t invade his “privacy,” you are sadly mistaken and obviously part of our country’s problem.  He lived in their home.  Responsibility has to be also shared by these parents.

I hope people give some “real” thought to why this young man did what he did yesterday.

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