President’s Voting “Present” is Akin to Dereliction of Duty

by Jayne D. Frank

With the American economy on the brink of collapse with its debt, staggering unemployment, entitlement promises that cannot be kept, and a national security policy that must be the laughing stock of the world, today, we find the President dead silent once again and voting “Present” before the Debt Commission takes its vote on the Commission Report just released which would force a vote in Congress.  Let us review recent instances where the President has tried to appease his far-left base by remaining silent where a Commander-in-Chief has the responsibility to weigh in for no other reason than to give confidence to the American people:

  • He has failed to speak out and provide support for the Debt Commission report
  • He failed to speak out and act for months in the Gulf Oil Disaster
  • The President couldn’t bring himself to immediately speak out on the wisdom of building the Ground Zero Mosque
  • He abdicated the creation of the disastrous health care bill to Congress
  • His response to the North Korean provoked attack on South Korea was weak at best
  • The length of time it took for him to respond to the Military’s request for additional troops in Afghanistan was deplorable
  • He has failed to acknowledge terrorist attacks of Muslim extremists (i.e., Fort Hood massacre), the underwear bomber, Time Square bomber and the latest attempt to kill thousands at a Portland, OR Christmas celebration
  • He has made the decision not to speak out on the necessity of having military trials for terrorists (both foreign and domestic) to assure that people who are tried for attempting to or were successful in killing Americans are prosecuted thoroughly and are given just punishment.
  • His latest surrender of his duty is his failure to make any decisions to extend the tax cuts for everyone, including businesses and individuals that are the only source for creating private-sector jobs in this County.  He left that decision once again, with less than 30 days for an action to take place, to subordinates to handle.

The list goes on, but the point is that the American people cannot afford to have a President who doesn’t have the courage to defend our Country, make the crucial decisions necessary to save our economy and our jobs, and does not have the knowledge, experience or conviction to be strong overseas or in America concerning national security. The only time he speaks out is when, on occasions such as the recent spike to 9.8% unemployment level, he comes on camera to say “I didn’t do it!”  It reminds me of a small boy being called on the carpet by his parents.  I will call it like it is.  He is a weak President, unable to perform the duties of his office, and I just pray to God that we come out of this four-year debacle of his Presidency able to recuperate and bring about legislation to reverse his actions which were nothing more than pandering to his extremist left base supporters.

One Response

  1. You won’t get blood from a rock…or a comment from a person that should have Never Gotten Elected to the President of the United States of America…Obama is in way over his head…his doesn’t speak one way or the other because he has no idea what is actually going on!! America would be better off if he would just go play his golf somewhere (Kenya) and leave the really big decisions to those in Washington that will be signing in in about a months from now!!

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