Republicans Were Not Swept Into Office to Compromise!

by Jayne D. Frank

If you heard the press conferences today from both President Obama and the Republicans, you would have thought they were in two different meetings.  Obama races to the microphone before the last Republican is out the door and his stale, repetitive rhetoric that the American people made their voices clear that they wanted us to cooperate and get things done, is just disingenuous, and his most comical line was that “there will be plenty of time for campaigning.”  What has this man been doing for the last 2 years but campaigning for his extreme Marxist agenda.   He is no longer believable and the only source that the American people have for verifying the Government’s intent is their actions.

Speaker Boehner also sat there after the meeting today in the White House and said that the President “clearly heard the people” and he was glad to see that the President is going to assign a team of people from Secretary Geitner’s Office and OMB to meet with 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans to come to agreement on the Bush Tax Cuts.

What is the matter with you people in Washington?  The people did speak clear and loud, giving you Republicans resounding victories in the House and Senate, but with strings attached to those victories.  We gave you a mandate to get rid of this class warfare of the Obama Administration and extend the tax cuts for not only the middle class but for All Americans, especially those that actually produce jobs and will bring revenue into the economy.  We told you that we didn’t want you passing any legislation that you did not read or have time to read, and that extends to ratification of the START treaty which is completely unnecessary for getting done in the lame duck session of Congress.   Americans told you to cut spending, cut Government redundant or useless programs and stop wasteful pork projects.

More importantly, we gave you your seats in the House and Senate as guardians of our Constitution and you swore to uphold that Constitution.  Do not forget this, because we won’t and we will hold your feet to the fire.

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