Where Have All our Leaders Gone?

by Richard H. Frank

November 22, 2010 marks the latest act of aggression by North Korea against their brothers to the south with more than 200 mortars having been launched against the South Korea Island of Yeonpyeong.  The latest insult to peace in the world follows directly the disclosure of North Korea having more than 2000 centrifuges for refining uranium to weapon’s grade levels.  This is just the latest surprise for America intelligence and the United Nation’s IAEA who is supposed to be monitoring nuclear development around the world.

Sixty years ago the United States came to the aid of South Korea when the South was invaded by the North.  Three years and 36,576 American combat deaths later an Armistice was signed establishing  a DMZ between the North and South that has been manned by 30,000 U. S. military personnel for the past 57 years.

So what was the Obama Administration’s response to this unprovoked attack?  According to a Pentagon official spokesman “The Pentagon will not get involved in a dispute between the North and the South.”  However, Obama did see fit, before any statement to the American people and the families of those that died in Korea, or an official statement about the incident, to give an interview to Barbara Walters on the North and South Korea issue.  He said he would not comment on this until he places a call to the President of South Korea.  The State Department statement was that N. Korea’s behavior was very, very bad.  Barack Obama will issue a written statement, and like most comments regarding N. Korea, indicating that the message to the world from the U.S. is “strong letter to follow.”

Where have all our leaders gone?  Restraint has its limits and sometimes words do not speak loudly enough and actions are necessary.  Perhaps it’s time to take out the uranium refining facility to show the free world is serious.  Instead, we have a President who places appeasing the unions in Indiana above our commitment to defend our allies around the world and honor the sacrifices of those who gave their lives to preserve freedom in South Korea.

Republican and Democrat administrations have attempted talking (6 party negotiations) for the past 16 years to no avail.

Charles Krauthammer got it right today when he said, “Obama got his 3:00 a.m. call today and put it on hold.”  There comes a time when the schoolyard bully needs to have his bluff called and if necessary be given a bloody nose.  That takes a “Commander-in-Chief,” not a “Community Organizer.”  North Korea is the bully and has called Obama’s bluff once again; which evokes the question, “Where have all our leaders gone?”

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