Governing in a State of Denial or Just Arrogance?

by Richard H. Frank

This week marks the beginning of the end for the reign of the infamous 111th Congress of the United States of America.  As they enter into their lame duck session, resulting from the massive “shellacking” to the Democrat majority in the 2010 mid-term elections, we can only pray that they understand the message sent by the American voters.

Unfortunately, the Democrat leadership either remains in denial of the results or is just stubbornly arrogant and refuses to accept the reason for their historic defeat.  Simply stated, the American people reject the socialist ideology and agenda put forth by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama.  Moreover, they refused to listen when their constituents raised objections to the methods by which they governed and imposed onerous legislation upon every American.

Now that “We the People” have sent the message,  what sort of change may we expect to see during the ongoing lame duck session?  Don’t hold your breath.  In the House of Representatives, moves are afoot to push for passage of such unpopular legislation such as “The Dream Act,” energy policy reform and blocking extension of the Bush tax cuts for all Americans.  The latter may easily be accomplished through gridlock and  having those rates expire on December 31, 2010 under the existing legislation.

The political games continue under the gavel of Nancy Pelosi wherein she will seek and ultimately secure her position of leadership for the minority in the 112th House of Representatives.  She and Harry Reid have picked up on Obama’s mantra that Democrats did a poor job of communicating to the American people their message and are taking steps to correct this during the 112th Congress. Reid has created a new position of leadership in the Senate for NY Senator Schumer overseeing communications for the majority.  Likewise, Pelosi has created a yet untitled position for Representative Clyborn which yanks him off the #2 position he earned, and this “newly created” position is only given to appease the black caucus and assure  her controlling the minority house leadership.  All this maneuvering for power with little effort to addressing the business of the people.

If you don’t think arrogance still is prevalent among the Democrats, look at Charles Rangel’s guilty conviction from the Senate Ethics committee yesterday.  For two years, Mr. Rangel knew these charges had been brought; for two years he had time to hire lawyers to represent him before the Committee and craft a defense.  And what does Mr.  Rangel do?  He storms out of the Ethics Committee that he fought to appear before in order to clear his name, saying he wasn’t prepared. Even in the face of being found guilty, he alleges that he did nothing wrong.  Mr. Rangel, Americans are taking names, watching Congress, watching their votes and their actions, and we will not forget when it comes time to pass legislation or elect new Congressmen or a new President the next time around. Please be assured that the American people who worked so hard during these past mid-term elections to get people like you out of office and stop the Democratic-socialist agenda, will still work hard to Take America Back and we will not go quietly into the night….

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