Buyer’s Remorse

by Richard H. Frank

The rhetoric on display while on the campaign trail by the President, Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton is taking on a tone of sheer desperation.  According to Mr. Clinton, the only difference between the mid-term elections and 2008 is the turnout by Obama supporters.  Michelle Obama pleads with the electorate not to abandon Democrats when the “change” they voted for in 2008 is just beginning to kick in.  As for our President, his body language and the panic in his voice as he addresses the effort to get out the vote for Democrats, is evidence of the desperation being felt in the Democratic Party.  In other words, they just don’t get it!

They fail to accept the fact that America is angry.  Angry about uncontrolled spending, Obamacare, regulating everything that moves and the enormous growth in the Federal Government.  If you happen to be an incumbant running for re-election and have supported the Obama, Reid and Pelosi agenda, your seat in Congress is in peril.  The blitz by the Democrats to retain their power has shifted to an unrelenting barrage by the President, his wife and the Vice President to rally the base and vote for candidates that embrace the Obama Agenda.  Their effort is especially centered on the 18-29 year olds again who they feel cannot think and analyze for themselves that the lack of jobs and career opportunities for them is directly attributable to the policies of this current Administration.

Like it or not, a large portion of the costs associated with this campaign is borne by the American taxpayers.

When it comes to the lack of expected turnout by Democrats in November, the real reason is not apathy but more likely “Buyer Remorse” resulting from the negative impact the Obama economic policies have had on America.  It is now apparent to his supporters that Government does not create jobs and that the $787 billion stimulus is an abject failure.  His recent admission that there is no such thing as a “shovel-ready project” is further evidence of an administration lacking the experience to lead this Nation.

Today we live in a Nation saddled with $14 trillion in debt, long-term unemployment hovering around 10% and a housing and mortgage market on the verge of collapse.  Is there any wonder that the “change” we see is not the change many Americans voted for and has resulted in “Buyer’s Remorse?”