Obama’s Lack of Resolve in the Middle East

by Richard H. Frank

Having lived through WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars, I find it incredible that the Obama Administration would invite Iran to the negotiating table to participate in talks between the Taliban and the Government in Afghanistan.  What is even more incredible is the fact that General Petraeus briefed those present, including Iran, on the U. S. strategy in Afghanistan.  Was Petraeus ordered to provide the briefing by the Commander-in-Chief or did he do so willingly?

The White House’s denial that Obama’s strategy was to find a rapid exit from Afghanistan as stated in the latest Woodward book seems ingenious given the latest disclosure coming out of Richard Holbrook in Afghanistan.

I also seem to recall that all the Presidential Candidates in the 2008 election (Republican and Democrat) stated that we (the United States) could not allow Iran to become a nuclear power.  Today it seems that the Obama Administration is resigned to Iran’s steady march to become a nuclear power in the Middle East.  The policy adopted by the Obama Administration in essence abandons Israel and leaves that country to defend itself against Iran’s threat to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.  So much for America’s meeting their commitment to defend their allies.

Not if, but when, this Country is attacked by radical muslim terrorists using a nuclear device, dirty bomb or biological weapon supplied by Iran or their allies we know where the responsibility will reside.  Should this Country, while at war with Germany, had invited an ally of Germany to be briefed on “D” Day, we would have called that action “treason.”  Yet today, we have an administration set on a policy of appeasement willing to sacrifice the blood of our children and the nation’s treasure for political gain.

It seems that since the United States adopted the policy of allowing the United Nations to negotiate the cease-fire in Korea which has never been signed by North Korea, we seem content not to win a conflict but spent 60 years playing policeman around the world.

We have abdicated our responsibility to our allies and our sovereignty to the United Nations at the price of 100,000 dead Americans.  Let us pray that the Obama Administration’s latest policy shift in Afghanistan and regarding Iran does not result in even more loss of life and treasure for American in the future.

Negotiating from a position of strength has been shown as the most effective strategy to achieve peace.  The only language radical elements of any nation understand is strength backed up by the resolve to use that strength if necessary.  History has shown the wisdom to “speak softly and carry a big stick.”