These Mid-Term Elections are Painful!

by Jayne D. Frank

These mid-term elections are painful to my husband and I for a number of reasons.  We have worked very hard for the last several months trying to educate the some  40% of Americans that are still infatuated with Obama and his policies, in the hopes that they will get out in November and vote for the checks and balances in Congress that our Founding Fathers envisioned, thereby negating or at least stopping some of the Progressives’ agenda items for the next two years.  To that end, we have written blog articles, become poll challengers, prepared and passed out literature, attended rallies and fundraisers, put signs in our yard, worked and communicated with our college campuses and are very active in our Traverse Bay 912 Project with like-minded citizens who are concerned about our Government’s overreaching and destructive policies.

But even with the winds of change blowing more favorably for us in Congress by ousting politicians that do not represent us and the election of principled men and women who we feel represent America’s values, there still isn’t a sense of excitement or fulfillment, and I doubt whether the euphoria we feel on election night will last through the next day.

On November 3, if We the People regain the majority in the House and possibly the Senate, we still have a corrupt Washington environment that won’t take long to snare the newly elected into their plush surroundings and perks, special interest lobbyists at their doors with their hands and money out, and a “Go Along to Get Along” mentality that protects Congressional members for voting in direct contradiction to the will of the American people.

I  have not been pleased at all with the Republicans in Congress over the last few years and only hope that the “young guns” in Congress will take the lead in November and start to roll back or stop the onerous legislation that is killing this economy such as health care, and will get the cojones to do what is necessary on immigration.  They must secure the borders first, and then and only then can a dialogue take place in America and Congress about how to handle the millions of illegals in this country that are taking our states down the path of bankruptcy. Entitlements and spending also must be tackled and prompt and bold action taken, but I don’t feel the Republicans in Congress have the backbone and will to do what is necessary to protect our children’s future.

Perhaps I am just tired of working so hard with my fellow concerned Americans for the last couple of years to save our Republic.  Being in my 60s and with my husband in his 70s, this was supposed to be our ‘Golden Years’ when we could enjoy each other, an occasional trip now and then, dinner out once in awhile, and not having to worry about our children and grandchildren.

My question to you Congress is “What are you willing to give up to make America a land of opportunity again for our children?”

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