The Black Hole of Deficit Spending

by Richard H. Frank

According to President Obama, our nation is headed in the right direction.  The latest CBO report states that 2010 Government spending will result in a deficit of $1.29 trillion, pushing the United States National Debt ever closer to $14 trillion.  A level of debt unsustainable with interest accruing each year that will enslave every American to the greed and selfishness of unthinking political hacks.  If this prospect equates to heading in the right direction, then that direction equates to financial indentured slavery.

Government, controlled for generations by Republicans and Democrats, is guilty of creating the black hole our nation is being sucked into.  Both parties bear equal blame for the situation from their blatant disregard of warnings from our Founding Fathers and as well as trampling the very tenants of our Constitution.  Government, just as with any American family, must live within their means.  It is time that we prioritize our national budget and eliminate any spending  that does not support the national defense, maintaining our infrastructure and meeting our obligation for entitlement  programs forced upon the nation over the past 70 years.

All other Federal spending should cease and be analyzed for suppport of thise items shown above.  Foreign aid should cease.  If we need to buy the loyalty of foreign nations, that loyalty is not worth having.  Federal revenues collected for redistribution to the states should be stopped and left to the states to allocate according to the language contained within the 10th Amendment.  competition between the states like competition within the free market would tend to reduce costs and attract revenue to the most productive administrations.

All subsidies to illegal immigrants should end and only be made available to the immigrants that are working within the system legally.  Likewise, the Federal Government has no business bailing out states where their own policies have brought them to the verge of bankruptcy.

The United States need not become isolationist nor should we be the world’s police force.  The politicians in  Washington had better focus on solving our own domestic issues before we attempt to take on the problems of the entire world.

Some of these actions appear harsh and inhumane but what awaits this nation should we be sucked further into the black hole of deficit spending is even more devastating as it opens the door for a tyrannical Government determined to place every American into bondage to the national debt.