Failure of the Presidency

by Richard H. Frank

The American people are bearing witness to the failure of a Presidency and his administration.  Today, the sixth in an increasing parade of advisors to Barack Obama and his administration will occur with the departure of General Jim Jones, National Security Advisor to the President.  The White House will attempt to put a positive spin on this resignation.  However, there is no hiding the fact that General Jones was not happy in his role for Obama, and although he would never admit it, Jones did not hold Obama in high regard as Commander-in-Chief.

Likewise, Obama’s appointment of Tom Donilon, a political insider with no international or military experience is more evidence of the inexperience and incompetence of our Community Organizer President.  We may now add National Security to the list of Obama’s failures which include the economy, stifling our move towards energy independence at every turn, nationalizing private industry and legislating against the Will of the people.

A review of Obama appointees reveals a never-ending list of academiens,  political hacks and avowed socialists.  We have lost count of the 30+czars appointed by Obama without the advice and consent of Congress that usurps Constitutional authority and erodes the balance of power within the Federal Government at the expense of the States and “We the People.”

Our President’s words do not represent his actions and if left unchecked, those actions will cause irreparable damage to our Republic.

His continuing refusal to enforce existing immigration law makes this most recent appointment of a National Security Advisor suspect.  Notwithstanding the obvious evidence of his lack of qualifications and experience to lead this Nation, Obama’s rhetoric while abroad, demeaning the United States in hopes of creating a foreign policy of appeasement is further evidence of his failure to uphold his sworn oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”

November 2, 2010 is the time for every American patriot to exercise their sovereign duty and vote for those candidates that oppose and have opposed the Obama agenda.  Anything less will place our national security and liberty in jeopardy.