The California Syndrome

by Richard H. Frank

Thirty days before the 2010 mid-term elections we see, once again, the politics of issues turn into the politics of personal destruction. Candidates that lack any legislative record upon which to base their candidacy revert to the old standby of politics of personal destruction.

The most outrageous example of this is the “October Surprise” sprung upon the California Candidate for Governor Meg Whitman charging her with hypocrisy for having employed an illegal alien for over nine years and firing her for political reasons when learning of her illegal immigration status.

Mrs. Whitman campaigned on strict enforcement of immigration laws and punishment for those employers that abuse the law and hire illegals.  Her political opponents hope to derail her campaign by accusing her of violating the very laws she is pledging to uphold.

Let’s examine the facts:

  • The Whitmans hired their housekeeper through an employment agency charged with verification of the legal status of employees for their  clients.
  • Nicky Diaz, the housekeeper, provided fraudulent documentation in the form of a driver’s license and social security number as proof of her legal status.
  • After hiring Nicky Diaz, the Whitmans complied with the law by paying social security and all local and state employment taxes required of an employer.
  • Upon receiving a notification that Nicky Diaz’ social security number provided did not match information on record for that number, the Whitmans referred the matter to Nicky to have her straighten out any errors with her agency for the record.

The real issues for any candidate for Governor to be concerned with become lost by a contrived attack upon a candidate posing a threat to the Liberal Progressive politics that have brought California to the brink of bankruptcy.  Unfortunately, many residents and potential voters have grown up to expect the nanny state to provide for them as opposed to accepting personal responsibility for themselves and their families.

The perfect illustration as to how divisive “politics of personal destruction” can become, was evident for all to view this week when pollster Frank Luntz hosted a focus group to discuss the potential charges against Meg Whitman of having employed an illegal Mexican alien.  The group seemed to be divided into three factions each of which held passionate views hinging upon violent, regarding the “politics of personal destruction.”

A group consisting of people estimated at 50+ year of age supported Whitman’s position and felt Nicky Diaz was responsible for her situation, was being used by Whitman’s opposition and should be prosecuted and deported for her fraudulent actions.  They held the values and principles upon which the Nation was founded and the held the respect for law above political rhetoric.

A group that consisted mainly of Hispanics and blacks supported Nicky Diaz and felt Whitman was a hypocrite and treated Ms. Diaz unfairly.  They openly supported minority preferences and in one case an attacker, who identified herself as a teacher, indicated she would do “anything necessary to provide for her family” inferring she would even break the law if necessary.

Lastly, there was a group of women that were openly hostile to Meg Whitman and  seemed content to criticize her on every issue, totally disregarding her success at running a successful business as a Corporate CEO.

Every fact presented in favor of Meg Whitman was dismissed out of hand as not being relevant.  Two thirds of the group rejected America as being a country of laws and inferred that our laws discriminated against them on a personal and ethnic basis.  An orderly discussion escalated into talking over each other and raising voices to just under a shout.

So what did I learn from this sampling of California residents:

  • Many young people in California are products of the nanny state having been afforded all the advantages of preferential legislation meant to make up for sins of past discrimination.
  • Respect for our Constitution Values and Principles and the rule of law are at risk in California.  Rulings of activist judges have eroded respect for the will of the voters and the State legislature.
  • The entitlement mentality evident within the Focus Group was proof of the root cause for the state’s financial woes.

All of the above result in what I all “the California syndrome” and if allowed to spread across the Untied States will end our Representative Republic.  California needs a strong professional business executive, not a warmed over 60’s Woodstock groupie, if the State is to be saved from bankruptcy.  The remaining 49 states do not want to be taxed for,  nor will Congress support a financial bailout, for California.

Yet we see the average voter more interested in Nicky Diaz’ situation than in saving their state.  So much for the “California Syndrome.”

One Response

  1. Unfortunately, born a Californian, fighting the idiots in this state is like banging your head against a wall. There is no sense to it.

    I believe because our state is basically filled with foreigners, they bring their socialistic values with them and demand that the US do the same thing as their home countries. This has got to STOP. I’m tired of working my buns off and supporting all these bottom feeders.

    Now we have started celebrating THEIR holidays on top of it. This is INSANE. The illegals in this state are over running everything. If anyone thinks it doesn’t matter………think of the extra people on the roads, and lack of water and electricity, over crowded schools, and high crime rates………if you think it doesn’t matter.

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