National Security and Our Borders-When Will It Become our Government’s Priority?

by Jayne Frank

Now that the mid-term elections are almost history, I know that one of the most contentious and inaccurate debates Congress and the President are going to have in the remainder of 2010 and through 2011 will be about legislation giving illegal immigrants amnesty.  Keep in mind that more than 60% of Americans have repeatedly said that they want legislation passed to secure and protect our borders before any dialogue or debates happens about what to do with the 15-22 million true illegal immigrants here in this Country.

A person could spend days on the internet searching for accurate information and statistics about Americans murdered in Mexico and illegal immigrant crime in the U.S., and it would be safe to say, all of the data available is compromised by the intent or agenda of the person, firm, organization or governmental authority reporting the data.  The U.S. State Department is one of the worst in keeping to itself what is actually happening here and in Mexico as it relates to murder, cartel and human smuggling across the border.  The most serious compilation of material and facts was gleaned from a site called  If you take the more than 45 minutes to read all of the factual and informative sections of this site, you will have your eyes opened to the true devastation happening along the Mexican/American border and the cost in lives and treasure that we can expect to see in the coming years if the U. S. Government does not act swiftly and decisively, without any thought to the political fallout of doing so.

The number of Americans murdered in Mexico is low but growing every year and is often compared to the number of people struck by lightning.  2009 saw approximately 78 people murdered in Mexico, and 90 struck by lightning in the U.S.  So I guess that makes it acceptable.  2008 had 50 Americans murdered and in 2007 there were 37.  What number of American lives snuffed out in Mexico is acceptable to our Government before they will take this threat seriously?  Perhaps we should wait until the number equates to the number of h1n1 deaths per year in the U.S. or 4,000 people or some other similar arbitrary and meaningless number.  There have been 50 kidnappings of Americans in the last two years as well with that number increasing every year.  The State Department says that there are approximately 1-1/2 million tourists going to Mexico every year; again trying to imply a small number of murders is acceptable.

You will also not see any verifiable statistics on the number of deaths in the U.S. attributable to illegal aliens, because our Government will not grasp what the meaning of “illegal” is.   What happened to this Country and this Government that destruction of human life, property rights, living in fear, and more importantly the total disregard of our existing laws does not rise to a point of alarm in which we say “no more?”  Just today, there was little or no coverage about the first beheading of a man in Chandler, AZ, a thriving, populous city adjacent to Phoenix; just thrown aside as just another drug-related murder when this is one of the methods of murder employed by Mexican cartels.

California is almost bankrupt, is mostly an entire entitlement state, overrun in Los Angeles alone with over 400,000 gang arrests made up of Latin American gang sectors, and they have the highest number of crossings, smuggling, and drug problems in the San Diego/Tijuana sector.  Arizona and Texas are not far behind with murders, shootings at our own Border Patrol Agents, bounties on the heads of our Sheriffs, kidnappings, human smuggling and gun running, all at levels not able to be combated with the current resources on the border.

In this coming lame duck session of Congress and in the 2011/2012 Presidential campaign season, all of us must be vigilant and put Border Security and deporting of criminal aliens and those that repeatedly cross our borders illegally, as one of the first priorities of the work for the American People, not only so that our economy will start to heal, but to prevent deterioration of our national security,.  We must hold each and every one of our Senators and Representatives’ feet to the fire to come up with legislation to accomplish this and to make sure President Obama does nothing in the way of “alternative” legislation (e.g., Executive Orders, Bills passed without voting) to appease his base.  The American people are fed up and we must stand with our Border States and make our Federal Government enforce the laws in place for our national security and stop the constant flow of money that America does not have, into illegal aliens’ health care, education and into sanctuary cities.

The True Colors of Barack Obama

by Richard and Jayne Frank

Most  Americans under the age of 50 cannot readily associate the words spoken by Japanese Admiral Yamamoto following the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl harbor with the political situation in American today.  After being congratulated for his stunning victory over the United States, he said “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant!”  History proved him to be correct as America rose from the devastation at Pearl Harbor to protect and defend our Republic and nations around the world from tyranny in defense of the principles upon which our mighty nation was founded.

Today, America is more akin to the legend of Rip Van Winkle, who awoke after 20 years to find himself part of a world vastly different from that which he had experienced before falling asleep.  I wonder what our Founders like John Adams, Monroe, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin and  George Washington would think today should they awake to see how their vision of the Republic had been altered by liberal, progressive and secular doctrine.  Even Abraham Lincoln would not recognize government of the union and our Republic for which he fought and died to protect.

The mid-term elections of 2010 may in fact represent the turning point for America as we awaken to the 70-plus years of damage done to the Republic by socialist ideology.

Barack Obama ran for President on a platform of hope and change, promising to “fundamentally change America and the World.”  His campaign promises lacked substance and once elected, have proven failures in the face of reality.  The great awakening began for the American Electorate in 2009 with a yawn as his agenda and massive spending spree to achieve his goals became apparent. The country awoke with a frown as we witnessed his policies being forced upon the public with the aid of a complicit Democratic Congress.  Once it became apparent to America that this nation was on the road to becoming a third world country, the grassroots movement was energized to return to the values and principles of our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and as a result of his failure to heed the voices of America, Obama’s approval fell from the mid 70s to the low 40s across this country.

Today the President is faced with the loss of Congress in at least one if not both Houses.  We have seen his attempt to rally the base of young people and minorities that were instrument in his winning the Presidency in 2008.  What is deplorable at this late stage in the election, as he sees that middle class America has rejected his policies in total, is that his rhetoric panders solely to the African-American, Latino, Welfare Recipients and far-left radical voters, further dividing this country by class warfare. He identifies all Americans who do not agree with those policies as “Republicans” and shamefully reignites the fires of discrimination by saying that Republicans “can sit in the back.”  Now, members of his own party are distancing themselves from the President and do not mention his policies as accomplishments.  His rhetoric is approaching desperation as he identifies the opposition as “enemies” and distorts the issues impacting our Country.  He loudly asserts that “the name Obama does not appear on the ballot but that failure to elect Democrats is not a vote against the Obama Agenda.”  I beg to differ with the President but contend that the 2010 election is a referendum on Barack Obama, his ideology, agenda and plan to fundamentally change America.  It may take the second referendum to come in 2012 to make a believer out of the far left and the President himself, but then again do ideologues ever see the light?  President Obama and incumbant Democrats have said that if the Democrats do not retain their seats in Congress that the only way in the next few years to move Obama’s cap and trade, immigration and health care forward will be in the form of executive order or Congressional process by which votes do not have to be taken.  Should he adopt this course of action, he does so at his own peril.

The wisdom of our Founders may be seen in the words of our Declaration of Independence which states in part …”and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

America has long suffered the relentless imposition of socialist, progressive ideology to the point of bringing this Nation to its knees.  Obama’s ideology that only Big Government can solve America’s problems is based on a false premise and is being proven a failure all around the world.  Countries like Greece, France, Italy and even Great Britain and Germany are all having to take drastic actions to retract policies that are leading to the demise of their social democratic forms of Government.

In 1941 the attack on Pearl Harbor was the catalyst that awoke the sleeping giant.  In 2010 the impending economic collapse of our financial system coupled with the oppressive policies of the Obama Administration fueled by his attack upon States rights and our 10th Amendment, have served to wake us once more and have us rise up to change our Government at the ballot box on November 2, 2010.

Our elected Representatives have been placed on notice that we are fed up, enough is enough, and we are not going to take governance against the will of “We the People” any longer.  Those in Government, regardless of party affiliation best heed this message as we intend to exercise our sovereign right to determine how we are governed until Washington gets the message.

Barack Obama’s true colors are on display for all to see and paint him as someone very different from a President sworn to “defend and protect the Constitution.”

Buyer’s Remorse

by Richard H. Frank

The rhetoric on display while on the campaign trail by the President, Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton is taking on a tone of sheer desperation.  According to Mr. Clinton, the only difference between the mid-term elections and 2008 is the turnout by Obama supporters.  Michelle Obama pleads with the electorate not to abandon Democrats when the “change” they voted for in 2008 is just beginning to kick in.  As for our President, his body language and the panic in his voice as he addresses the effort to get out the vote for Democrats, is evidence of the desperation being felt in the Democratic Party.  In other words, they just don’t get it!

They fail to accept the fact that America is angry.  Angry about uncontrolled spending, Obamacare, regulating everything that moves and the enormous growth in the Federal Government.  If you happen to be an incumbant running for re-election and have supported the Obama, Reid and Pelosi agenda, your seat in Congress is in peril.  The blitz by the Democrats to retain their power has shifted to an unrelenting barrage by the President, his wife and the Vice President to rally the base and vote for candidates that embrace the Obama Agenda.  Their effort is especially centered on the 18-29 year olds again who they feel cannot think and analyze for themselves that the lack of jobs and career opportunities for them is directly attributable to the policies of this current Administration.

Like it or not, a large portion of the costs associated with this campaign is borne by the American taxpayers.

When it comes to the lack of expected turnout by Democrats in November, the real reason is not apathy but more likely “Buyer Remorse” resulting from the negative impact the Obama economic policies have had on America.  It is now apparent to his supporters that Government does not create jobs and that the $787 billion stimulus is an abject failure.  His recent admission that there is no such thing as a “shovel-ready project” is further evidence of an administration lacking the experience to lead this Nation.

Today we live in a Nation saddled with $14 trillion in debt, long-term unemployment hovering around 10% and a housing and mortgage market on the verge of collapse.  Is there any wonder that the “change” we see is not the change many Americans voted for and has resulted in “Buyer’s Remorse?”

Obama’s Lack of Resolve in the Middle East

by Richard H. Frank

Having lived through WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars, I find it incredible that the Obama Administration would invite Iran to the negotiating table to participate in talks between the Taliban and the Government in Afghanistan.  What is even more incredible is the fact that General Petraeus briefed those present, including Iran, on the U. S. strategy in Afghanistan.  Was Petraeus ordered to provide the briefing by the Commander-in-Chief or did he do so willingly?

The White House’s denial that Obama’s strategy was to find a rapid exit from Afghanistan as stated in the latest Woodward book seems ingenious given the latest disclosure coming out of Richard Holbrook in Afghanistan.

I also seem to recall that all the Presidential Candidates in the 2008 election (Republican and Democrat) stated that we (the United States) could not allow Iran to become a nuclear power.  Today it seems that the Obama Administration is resigned to Iran’s steady march to become a nuclear power in the Middle East.  The policy adopted by the Obama Administration in essence abandons Israel and leaves that country to defend itself against Iran’s threat to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.  So much for America’s meeting their commitment to defend their allies.

Not if, but when, this Country is attacked by radical muslim terrorists using a nuclear device, dirty bomb or biological weapon supplied by Iran or their allies we know where the responsibility will reside.  Should this Country, while at war with Germany, had invited an ally of Germany to be briefed on “D” Day, we would have called that action “treason.”  Yet today, we have an administration set on a policy of appeasement willing to sacrifice the blood of our children and the nation’s treasure for political gain.

It seems that since the United States adopted the policy of allowing the United Nations to negotiate the cease-fire in Korea which has never been signed by North Korea, we seem content not to win a conflict but spent 60 years playing policeman around the world.

We have abdicated our responsibility to our allies and our sovereignty to the United Nations at the price of 100,000 dead Americans.  Let us pray that the Obama Administration’s latest policy shift in Afghanistan and regarding Iran does not result in even more loss of life and treasure for American in the future.

Negotiating from a position of strength has been shown as the most effective strategy to achieve peace.  The only language radical elements of any nation understand is strength backed up by the resolve to use that strength if necessary.  History has shown the wisdom to “speak softly and carry a big stick.”

These Mid-Term Elections are Painful!

by Jayne D. Frank

These mid-term elections are painful to my husband and I for a number of reasons.  We have worked very hard for the last several months trying to educate the some  40% of Americans that are still infatuated with Obama and his policies, in the hopes that they will get out in November and vote for the checks and balances in Congress that our Founding Fathers envisioned, thereby negating or at least stopping some of the Progressives’ agenda items for the next two years.  To that end, we have written blog articles, become poll challengers, prepared and passed out literature, attended rallies and fundraisers, put signs in our yard, worked and communicated with our college campuses and are very active in our Traverse Bay 912 Project with like-minded citizens who are concerned about our Government’s overreaching and destructive policies.

But even with the winds of change blowing more favorably for us in Congress by ousting politicians that do not represent us and the election of principled men and women who we feel represent America’s values, there still isn’t a sense of excitement or fulfillment, and I doubt whether the euphoria we feel on election night will last through the next day.

On November 3, if We the People regain the majority in the House and possibly the Senate, we still have a corrupt Washington environment that won’t take long to snare the newly elected into their plush surroundings and perks, special interest lobbyists at their doors with their hands and money out, and a “Go Along to Get Along” mentality that protects Congressional members for voting in direct contradiction to the will of the American people.

I  have not been pleased at all with the Republicans in Congress over the last few years and only hope that the “young guns” in Congress will take the lead in November and start to roll back or stop the onerous legislation that is killing this economy such as health care, and will get the cojones to do what is necessary on immigration.  They must secure the borders first, and then and only then can a dialogue take place in America and Congress about how to handle the millions of illegals in this country that are taking our states down the path of bankruptcy. Entitlements and spending also must be tackled and prompt and bold action taken, but I don’t feel the Republicans in Congress have the backbone and will to do what is necessary to protect our children’s future.

Perhaps I am just tired of working so hard with my fellow concerned Americans for the last couple of years to save our Republic.  Being in my 60s and with my husband in his 70s, this was supposed to be our ‘Golden Years’ when we could enjoy each other, an occasional trip now and then, dinner out once in awhile, and not having to worry about our children and grandchildren.

My question to you Congress is “What are you willing to give up to make America a land of opportunity again for our children?”

The Black Hole of Deficit Spending

by Richard H. Frank

According to President Obama, our nation is headed in the right direction.  The latest CBO report states that 2010 Government spending will result in a deficit of $1.29 trillion, pushing the United States National Debt ever closer to $14 trillion.  A level of debt unsustainable with interest accruing each year that will enslave every American to the greed and selfishness of unthinking political hacks.  If this prospect equates to heading in the right direction, then that direction equates to financial indentured slavery.

Government, controlled for generations by Republicans and Democrats, is guilty of creating the black hole our nation is being sucked into.  Both parties bear equal blame for the situation from their blatant disregard of warnings from our Founding Fathers and as well as trampling the very tenants of our Constitution.  Government, just as with any American family, must live within their means.  It is time that we prioritize our national budget and eliminate any spending  that does not support the national defense, maintaining our infrastructure and meeting our obligation for entitlement  programs forced upon the nation over the past 70 years.

All other Federal spending should cease and be analyzed for suppport of thise items shown above.  Foreign aid should cease.  If we need to buy the loyalty of foreign nations, that loyalty is not worth having.  Federal revenues collected for redistribution to the states should be stopped and left to the states to allocate according to the language contained within the 10th Amendment.  competition between the states like competition within the free market would tend to reduce costs and attract revenue to the most productive administrations.

All subsidies to illegal immigrants should end and only be made available to the immigrants that are working within the system legally.  Likewise, the Federal Government has no business bailing out states where their own policies have brought them to the verge of bankruptcy.

The United States need not become isolationist nor should we be the world’s police force.  The politicians in  Washington had better focus on solving our own domestic issues before we attempt to take on the problems of the entire world.

Some of these actions appear harsh and inhumane but what awaits this nation should we be sucked further into the black hole of deficit spending is even more devastating as it opens the door for a tyrannical Government determined to place every American into bondage to the national debt.

Our Nation in Peril from Government Policies!

By: Richard H. Frank

What has become of the American dream? That picture of a future that included the opportunity, not the right, for any individual to achieve their personal vision of what that dream constitutes. Most Americans of my generation would have described the dream to include the following:

  • The opportunity and choice to secure a good education either academically or vocationally.
  • To be able to provide a better standard of living for our families than that which our parents or grandparents had experienced.
  • The opportunity to own a home that would always be the shelter and sanctuary for our family.
  • The freedom to pursue any endeavor we might chose, including acceptance of the consequences associated with failure.
  • The right to openly participate in and express the religious doctrine of my choice without interference from any individual or government agency.

There are two elements present in each and every aspect of the American dream as described above. First is the reliance on the individual willing to work and pay the price to achieve any and all aspects of that dream. Second, is the limited role of government to provide the opportunity for the individual and to shield that opportunity from undue outside influences.

Unfortunately, over the past 60 years government has expanded their role to become paternalistic with regard to achieving “equality” and “social justice” as opposed to “opportunity” and “justice under the law.” Those individuals that we have elected to represent “We the People” somehow believe that they have been elevated to a position of the “ruling class” and are entitled to meet out opportunity and freedom to the electorate to satisfy their vision of the American dream.

The law of unintended consequences ultimately prevails and results in stifling opportunity and eroding our individual freedoms. More damage has been done to this nation from well intentioned politicians that believe they can legislate morality and equality than from all the natural disasters in America since this nation’s founding.

Today we find ourselves on the brink of the worst economic disaster in over a century predicated on laws passed largely by unthinking legislators willing to rely upon the tenants of Keynesian economics to cure all the Nations ills. The anti-capitalist, anti-free enterprise policies of the congress over the past 10 years and redistributive agenda of the Obama administration bear testimony to the destructive impact they have had on the nation. The outlook for our country is bleak and the prospect of returning to prosperity where we may once again pursue the American dream may now be decades away if to ever be realized again.

Today senior citizens who have relied on the equity built in their real estate investments have seen that equity evaporate and may never return in their lifetime. The dream of spending their “Golden Years” with a sense of security no longer exists. This is directly due to government interference in the mortgage loan industry over the past decade.

Young people view our Social Security System as the greatest Ponzi scheme ever imposed upon a country. They see how Congresses of past decades have raided and squandered the Social Security lock box in the cause of “social justice” at the tune of $2.4 trillion and believe they will never see any portion of their contributions returned.

At one point in history full employment was considered achieved when 95-96% of the workforce was employed. The new norm for full employment according to the revised Obama administration methods for calculating is more closely aligned to 90% employed. This means those working individuals will carry the burden for the 10% of the unemployed workforce and more likely 20% if the under employed are included.

Once again we bear witness to the law of unintended consequences as we see the impact of the 2400 page “Affordable Health Care Legislation” passed by the 111th Congress and signed into law by President Obama. All of the pledges made by President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are being exposed as the great lies forced upon the American public. It has now been confirmed that costs will rise, coverage will be rationed, and the first step toward a government run single -payer system (nationalized health care) is being taken. All this done under the guise of reducing the national debt, bending the cost curve downward and insuring 30 million uninsured Americans. All these statements exposed as lies and predicted as such when an administration of idealogues and a corrupt Congress continue to govern against the will of the people.

The cancer of liberal progressive ideology has moved our nation to the brink of becoming a socialist welfare state. Changing the dangerous course our country is on will be painful to say the least. That pain will be felt at every level of our society and paid for in terms of altering future entitlement programs and stopping the out of control government spending as we return to the constitutional limitations placed on the Federal Government. The power brokers and special interests that influence Washington can and must be removed through the election of representatives that will speak and vote with the voice of their constituents.

One election will not cure the cancer and it may take a decade or more of intense treatment, likened to chemotherapy, by holding our elected representatives responsible to the electorate to finally cure and rid the Federal Government of those persons governing outside the constraints of our Constitution. Should “We the People” fail to take action and remain vigilant at holding government accountable, the once great American dream will never be realized again by our children or grandchildren.

Set yourself above party politics, educate yourself as to the real issues, and place only those people in government office that support the values and principles ascribed within the American dream. Take the step now toward taking back our country for “We the People” and vote on November 2, 2010.