Who is the “Other Side?”

by Jayne D. Frank

For the last few weeks President Obama has started up his campaign rhetoric for the mid-terms as he continues to try and manipulate and excite what is left of his core 18 to 29-year old base that elected him in 2008.  Why does he now always refer to us as the other side?  It is quite obvious.  The other side is anyone he perceives is “after him” because they disagree with all of his big government, huge spending, crushing deficit policies that he has enacted over the past 20+ months.  His words are quite accurate because no longer are just Republicans against his policies.  Independents, Libertarians and a large segment of moderate Democrats have deserted him and know that his policies are leading America down the path of destruction.  He even has had trouble amassing the young voter crowd in his travels as they have seen firsthand those failed initiatives and are certainly smart enough to bail on the “coolest President they have ever seen” and rely on their upbringing and inborn instincts.  For those 18-29 year olds, the other side is:

1.  Their parents who have worked hard all their lives to make sure they have the educational opportunities that perhaps they didn’t have for a more technologically advanced career; those parents who paid more than their share of taxes, paid into the social security system which is broken and has been robbed by decades of government career politicians.

2.  The other side are the small businesses in this country who will provide the jobs for the young voters and who rely on a favorable tax structure and incentives to create those long lasting jobs.  Under this President, they are facing an uncertain future because of the inability of Congress and this President to extend tax cuts for everyone, and have been or are going to have their medical expenses increased so dramatically in the coming year, that they have pulled back and are not going to hire additional employees who they would be mandated to cover at these steep rates or else drop them completely.

3.  The “other side” consists of grassroots Americans who have taken all their spare time in the last two years to work aggressively to make sure their children and grandchildren’s future is protected by getting all of the incumbents ousted and candidates from winning in November; the People’s representatives who vote against the very principles and values that this country was founded upon and whose legislation will ensure those children and grandchildren will not have the opportunities and a standard of living even close to what their parents had.  These grassroots Americans know that President Obama has accumulated more debt for this Country than the previous 40 Presidents combined because of his agenda of redistribution of wealth.

4.  The “other side” is a Christian America, not afraid to use the words “God”, “Creator” or “Jesus, my personal Savior” when describing the basis for our Constitution or the basis for our everyday actions, and who will fight to make sure “God” is not removed from our landmarks, our celebrations, and our founding documents or our currency.

You are right in one respect, Mr. President; the other side is coming after your policies, your Marxist agenda and the people who sacrificed their principles in Congress for their cushy jobs.

And most of all, Young Voters are not stupid.  They may be entranced for a short time by “star” quality and hyperbole which feeds into boredom and general unrest among this group because of the economy; but they have educated themselves and know now that you can use all the clichés such as “green jobs,” “the way forward,” and “hope and change” that you want, but in the mid-terms and in the 2012 Presidential elections will vote to protect their jobs, their future, and yes, their Constitution.

One Response

  1. This “tech-savvy” generation still longs for such things as “home, love, challenge, opportunity, and the basics of Life and Liberty”. Their numbers consist more and more of home schoolers, Christian schoolers, and third and fourth generation Christians who value their American history, recognize their right and responsibility to “get in the game” and “take their rightful place at bat” and to make a difference – the only difference Jesus Christ can make in a life, a family, a community and the country.
    They can decipher the behavior of those trying to pre-empt the singular good news message of Jesus Christ with rhetoric, hoopla, buzz words, etc and almost instinctively know that “something isn’t right” when these usurpers dis-respect the Jews, Christians, true American history, preferring the anti-thesis of Islam, global diversity, junk science, and “you work and I get paid.”
    Life consists of the daily; socialism is a closed system with man at the center; Christianity is an open system with an eternal, immutable, all holy God constantly, consistently intervening as only He can – as the Christian runs the race and the finish line looms near he anticipates his Lord’s rest; not a black hole of eternal nothingness. History is replete with examples.

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