Radical Islam is Alive in Well & We Will Never Forget, President Obama

by Jayne D. Frank and Richard H. Frank

I am not one of those that were at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001; I might as well have been.  I was standing at my kitchen counter when the terrorists’ planes hit the World Trade Center towers and wondered how many of my family was in the air that day; my husband was out of town and my son was on his way to the Philipines on business by himself.  I watched in complete horror and sorrow the entire week as I saw my fellow Americans run engulfed in ashes from the NY buildings, saw the people leaping from the higher floors knowing full well they chose falling to their death to burning in their building.  Then I saw our brave firefighters say Goodbye to their colleagues and run without hesitation into the upper floors of the building, knowing that they would not be seen again.  I myself worked for several days during a period that planes were not allowed to land in  America, trying to get my son back home through various countries not very friendly to the U.S.

And today, the President, cloaked in his desire to have the Mosque built near ground zero and further his agenda of appeasement, said, at least three times in his speech in Washington, that “we are a diverse and tolerant people,” that we have values that give everyone “the right to worship as one pleases” and further that we will not hunker down with our anger.  After this pathetic speech in which he, for the second time, does not thank President Bush for his handling of this attack on America, lastly says that tolerance and healing “is the way we choose to honor those murdered by Al Qaeda.” Unbelievably, he even indicated that this attack was far more devastating to America than was Pearl Harbor.  Is this one more attempt to slam our Armed Forces and the brave battles they fight- I think so. His naivety and lack of understanding is apparent.  He should ask those who bear the scars from fire and wounds inflicted on December 7, 1941, some of whom carry their own obituaries, as a reminder of that horrible day in infamy.  No doubt more souls were lost in the twin towers on 9/11, but the attack on Pearl Harbor crippled this nation’s defenses beyond imagination through the destruction of our entire Pacific Fleet.

Mr. President, we will continue to hunker down and will not forget what happened on 9/11/2001!  Al Qaeda may have been directly responsible for this particular attack on America, but Islamic Extremists (the phrase you have instructed your staff not to use anymore) were and are responsible for many more attacks on American groups and individuals across the world, and will continue until they are hunted down and brought to trial for their crimes against humanity.  Their strategy has changed and they will find their satisfaction in converting regular Americans to their radical ideology, and are planning to again attack us from within.

The robotic and unemotional speech that President Obama gave at the Pentagon today did nothing to help the victims’ families heal and certainly nothing to convince us that this threat is no longer alive and well.  His slam at what happened at Pearl Harbor is inexcusable, but what I find most offensive is his total lack of calling on his avowed Christian religion and personal savior, Jesus Christ, to help heal the wounds of this day.

In comparison, he would have been wise to deliver Michelle Obama’s speech in Shanksville, PA which truly honored those that gave their lives to protect other Americans unknown to them. At least Michelle Obama had the grace to acknowledge the contribution of Laura Bush comforting our nation following the attack on the World Trade Center.  Additionally, Laura Bush’s address was not only appropriate for the occasion but was heartfelt as were all of President Bush’s previous 9/11 remarks, but also captured the spirit of our nation.  The one memorable line from Laura Bush’s speech stated “9 years ago, we saw the worst of the enemy and the best of America.”

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