Politics over Tribute for Those that Died on 9/11

By: Richard H. Frank

Today September 10, 2010 the American people listened to President Obama hold his first news conference in months since being sworn into office. He could have used the occasion in his opening remarks to honor the memory of those who perished in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Instead he stooped to the lowest level of political activism and vilified the Republican minority in Congress as stopping approval of  his legislative agenda purported to stimulate small business during this prolonged recession. How arrogant, and how insulting to the American public who understand very well that Obama possesses a majority in both houses of Congress and could push all and any legislation he and the Democrats support without a single vote from the Republican minority. Moreover in response to any question dealing with the economy he reverted to the opening rhetoric. For 70 minutes Obama stammered and stumbled incoherently as he tried to field questions ranging from lagging support of his own party on health care, extending the Bush tax cuts and the peace talks between Israel and Palestine.

What ever became of the type of news conferences conducted by John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and even George W. Bush. I don’t remember the arrogant vilifying of Congress and the outright untrue statements being made in order to support their political ideology. I find it amazing that suddenly the $2500/family savings due to Obamacare is no longer referenced in the President’s speeches or answers to questions from the press.   Now we hear “How can we expect  to extend insurance to millions of uninsured and adding children to their parents policies for up to age 26 without seeing costs rise?” Where were these common sense statements from Obama when the debate over the bill was raging all across the country. During the State of the Union speech the President was challenged by Republican  Congressman Joe Wilson when he called out “You Lie” regarding his statement that costs would fall and you could keep your current coverage and doctor.  It appears Mr. Wilson was correct and is now owed an apology from Mr Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

According to Obama September 11th is to be celebrated  as a day of remembrance and service. In order to justify his position on the Muslim mosque planned for a site near ground zero our President had to resort to quoting George W. Bush stating we were not at war with Muslims but radicals intent on subverting the religion for their purposes.  What we witnessed today is a President in panic attempting to place the blame for his failed policies on the Republican minority in Congress. He has lost control and his policies and administration are disintegrating before his very eyes. The more he talks the more he reveals his incompetence to hold the Office of President of the United States of America.

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