Obama’s Labor Day Address to the Unions

by Richard H. Frank

Today, Labor Day 2010, President Barack Obama will set out on his latest sweep across the Country in an attempt to salvage the Democrat’s majority in Congress.  On November 2, 2010, America will go to the polls and cast their ballots in a referendum on Barack Obama’s presidency, his policies and his ideology.  I truly believe he and his party will be stunned by the overwhelming defeat they will sustain at the hands of the voters.

The abject failure of the Democrat’s initiatives and the Obama Administration’s policies over the past 20 months have soured America over his campaign montra of “hope and change” and set us against his pledge to “fundamentally transform America.”  He and his Administration pat themselves on the back and take credit for saving the nation from the brink of financial ruin through massive bailouts, nationalizing private industry, spending $787 billion in stimulus to create jobs and ram health care legislation down the throats of every American.  His legacy will reflect the fact that he and the Democrats will have saddled each and every citizen – man, woman and child in the Country – with a burden of debt that will take untold generations to repay, if ever.

So what is the President’s new plan to turn the economy around?  Let’s take a look at the initiatives:

  • Replace the infrastructure with 150,000 miles of new highway construction.
  • Repair the national railway infrastructure 4000 miles of track.
  • Build 1500 miles of new airport runways.

These projects are planned for implementation over the next six years and not called “stimulus” but Government paid for spending that will jump start the economy.  Is it a coincidence that the announcement of these projects comes today as he addresses the Country’s largest labor union gatherings?  Is the motive to bribe these workers to vote Democratic with the payoff more short-term union jobs?  You be the judge.

We have heard the liberal spin regarding the Obama accomplishments.  Now let’s look at reality.

  • The Summer of Recovery has just ended and the promise to create 3 million jobs has turned into a cumulative loss of 7.8 million jobs since Obama took office.
  • Spend $787 billion on stimulus and unemployment will not exceed 8%.  The number stands at 9.6% according to the government figures and in reality stands at about 17% if the real numbers were disclosed.
  • The passage of health care would reduce costs for the average family by $2500/year and provide insurance for 30 million uninsured Americans.  Tell that to those that have seen their premiums increase by 10-30% since passage of the law.  Tell that to the millions of workers whose employers are contemplating cancelling coverage in favor of paying the penalty to the Government and forcing those now-insured to the Government-run exchanges.  the promise that “if you like your insurance and your doctor, you can keep them” is the biggest lie of all.  Just ask your doctor who today doesn’t know if he will continue to practice under the onerous demands and payments for services  provided under Obamacare.
  • Obama brags to the UAW and America as to how he has saved Chrysler and General Motors from extinction.  Yet after spending $50 billion to acquire control of the New General Motors, the sponsored IPO has fallen flat and prospects to find investors willing to put up the $43 billion still owed to the taxpayers appears bleak at best.  I guess we will wind up holding the bag on that great initiative as well.
  • Then we have the incredible policy to impose a moratorium on oil production in the Gulf of Mexico as a means to protect the environment.  This act of stupidity was overruled by a Federal Court and yet our arrogant President and his administration ignored the ruling and the force of law and reimposed the moratorium at the expense of 23,000 jobs along the Gulf Coast.
  • Lastly, the Administration’s stubborn assertion that illegal immigration from Mexico is under control and has decreased under the Obama Administration.  Obama and Eric Holder would rather sue Arizona than enforce our existing immigration law.  They contend that the system is flawed and in need of massive reform just like health care. Reform to Obama is amnesty to gain votes from the Hispanic Community.  They claim that they lack the resources to deport the 12 million illegals in this Country.  Apparently they never heard of “Operation Wetback” following WWII when the Eisenhower Administration reportedly deported up to 10 million illegals over a two-year period; where did they find the resources and Political Will to accomplish that task?  Yet we are content to allow violence along the Mexican border to spill into America sponsored by Mexican drug cartels and coyotes that smuggle  human cargo across the border.  Obama’s solution: Put dozens of signs along America’s southern Arizona land just 30 miles south of Phoenix warning Americans not to enter the southern-most land because of such drug cartels and human smuggling operations.

The Obama Administration and their continued policy to govern against the Will of the People rivals and surpasses the injustices by Great Britain enumerated in our Declaration of Independence.  If this is what Obama means by “fundamentally transforming America” we have had enough and must act to change the balance of power in Government on November 2, 2010, to restore that envisioned by the Founders of this once magnificent Republic.

Question with boldness and hold to the truth as you cast your vote in the November mid-term election.  This may be our last chance to protect and preserve the Republic from those that are working diligently to fundamentally change it.

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  1. This is a great post and may be one to be followed up to see what the results are

    A colleague e-mailed this link the other day and I will be eagerly anticipating your next content. Carry on on the wonderful work.

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