Obama Demorlaized

By: Richard H. Frank

This past Tuesday evening speech by President Obama to announce the end of “combat operations” in Iraq has been described by many as flat, wooden, uninspiring and unnecessary. His body language and tone told America all that they needed to know about the Presidents committment to the war in Iraq. In spite of his words there was a bitterness in the speech as he had to acknowledge, without saying the words, that the surge has worked and that the drawdown of troops was in fact negotiated by George W. Bush and not Mr. Obama or his administration. It was evident that he was reaching to take credit for the good news in Iraq and was not committed to seeing a political solution to the pending split over government in that country. Also he failed to recognize the special forces that remain to assist the Iraq military in maintaining a fragile  democracy at best.

As the mid-term elections approach, considering the miserable failure of his domestic policies, he is reaching for some measure of success internationally to bolster his sinking approval ratings among Americans. Thus we have the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians  hosted in Washington.  America should not hold her breath waiting for anything of substance to come from this new attempt to broker peace between these ancient rival Peoples. We applaud the effort but question the timing and the motive for this latest move to usher in mid-east world peace.

The President has lost credibility with the American people. He must revert to his campaign mode and take credit for things that he has had little or nothing to do with. America will hold him responsible for his policies of massive spending, usurping the authority of Congress and creating a massive debt for our children and grandchildren. How will he respond when the November election results come in and he most probably will find himself operating as a “lame duck” just a little more than two years into his presidency. He stated recently that he wasnt about to go around wearing hid “birth certificate” on his forehead but was going to attend to the business of leading the country. Fundamentally changing America, creating a massive government bureaucracy that sticks its nose in every facit of our lives and controlling our economy and free enterprise system are the Obama agenda. Perhaps he should wear his birth certificate on his forehead just to convince those that doubt his legitimate claim to hold office that he is qualified on that count, even though his lack of  other qualifications and propensity to govern against the will of the people is evident for all to see. 

Obama is turning into a President not of conviction but a President demoralized by the fruits of his own actions and ideology. I feel his last two years in office will produce a very vindictive, angry and lonely Presidency. America must guard against his remaining power and the potential to abuse that power. Some will claim government will revert to gridlock, after the past two years under Obama and the Democrat Congress a little gridlock would be a breath of fresh air.

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