Another Slap in the Face to Our Military by Obama!

by Richard H. Frank

This afternoon my wife and I had the honor to line the funeral route and show our respect for a young Marine Corps Sgt. Jason D. Calo of Mancelona, MI along with hundreds of grateful citizens for his ultimate sacrifice to his Country.  The funeral procession, escorted by several police cars and an honor guard of marines, family and friends, was trailed by no less than 100 members of Rolling Thunder in a show of respect for the service of a young man to his Country.  The sight is something those present will never forget and is being repeated across this great nation almost daily.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to every hero, their families and friends that have and are yet to experience such a sad but proud occasion.

Upon our return home we were greeted with the news of the Obama Administration’s latest insult to our military men and their families in the form of an announcement that the Justice Department had shelved (dropped) all charges against Abd Al-Rahim al Nashiri, the alleged mastermind behind the suicide bombing of the USS Cole in 2000.  Seventeen American sailors were killed in this unprovoked attack along with wounding of dozens of other servicemen.  Al-Mashiri was captured in 2002 and has been held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Camp 7 since 2007 awaiting trail by military tribunal.  The delay in proceeding with his prosecution was first affected by the review and reform of the system of military commissions and further placed on hold by Obama’s January 22, 2009 Executive Order to freeze all military tribunals at GITMO.

According to military prosecutors at GITMO, they have been prepared to proceed but the stay order to halt all referrals for trial of GITMO detainees by Secretary of Defense Gates has not been lifted.  The continuing argument concerning jurisdiction of the military or a Federal Court seems moot as this attack took place outside the US and against a military vessel and surely falls within the province of our military justice system.

However, once against we see Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s political philosophy and ideology taking precedence over the law.  “Social justice” politics taking precedence over justice under our law and our Constitution.  Confessed members of Al Qaeda, enemy combatants and traitors would all be afforded the rights of all Americans if Holder and Obama are to prevail. What of the rights of those brave members of our military and their families to see those that committed heinous crimes against them brought to justice swiftly?  Holder and Obama would sooner prosecute a member of our military over those that have committed crimes against America.  At what level does this Administration’s actions approach “high crimes and misdemeanors?”  The Federal Government’s refusal to enforce existing immigration law and secure our borders and their procrastination with regard to prosecution of enemy combatants seem to walk a narrow line for charges of impeachment.

We may all mark August 27, 2010 on our calendar as just another slap in the face by the Obama Administration to those that serve our Country in the military and their families.  This Administration lacks honor and has no shame.  In case you can’t guess, I am “mad as hell” and we should all be “mad as hell” and Remember in November and again in 2012.

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