Government by the “Ruling Class” No Longer “Of, By and For the People”

By: Richard H. Frank

Following the Constitutional Convention of 1787,  Benjamin Franklin replied to a question as to what sort of government had the representatives given America. His reply was a “Republic, if you can keep it.” In fact, the Constitution established a “Representative Republic” with specific enumerated powers delegated to the Central (Federal) Government leaving all other matters to the States and to the People to govern.

The Federal Government today, embodies all of the elements that were adverse to the values and principles enumerated in the Constitution and were warned against by the Founders as being destructive to the Republic. States’ rights as specified in the Tenth Amendment have virtually been eliminated by judicial misinterpretation of the language contained in the Constitution. Those that read Article VI, clause 2 of the Constitution as the “supremacy clause” allowing Federal law to trump any and all State laws , fail to recognize the Constitutional restraints placed on the Federal government to enact legislation not specifically enumerated in the document.

The Progressives in Congress have expanded the original intent of the commerce clause to the point of imposing legislation upon “we the people” not only against our will, but to a degree far exceeding the charges leveled against the King of Great Britain as specified in out Declaration of Independence.

Our Federal Government has replaced our Representative Republic with a ruling class intent upon legislating against the will of those citizens that elected them to office. Never before in our history has a legislative body been so intent on creation of onerous law that reaches into every aspect of American life. Almost every issue that arises is labeled a crisis that can only be resolved by Government through mountains of legislative restrictions, rules and in many cases through administrative fiat.

All this without regard to intended or unintended consequences for individual Americans or to the continuation of the Republic. Political ideology overrides the restrictions placed on our legislators by the Constitution. They don’t care if their actions are Constitutional or not. Just pass a law and we will figure out what’s in it later. Should problems arise we will leave it to the courts to work out. This is not the philosophy subscribed to by the architects of our Constitution.

Unfortunately, politics has become a profession in America. Congressmen and Senators are allowed to seek reelection decade after decade. Power, not representation of their constituents is what drives these professional politicians. Yet “we the people” are content to return them to office election after election without regard to the damage they have done to our free enterprise system, our liberties and to the Republic. No longer can we assure that Abraham Lincoln’s vision that, “a Government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from this earth.”

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