H.R. 6080: The Truth, The Lie and The Shame!

by Jayne D. Frank

Upon reading the full text of H.R. 6080 which was signed into law quickly by President Obama, which allocates emergency funds for FY2010 for border security, what they don’t tell you is quite obvious:

The Truth:   The bill appropriates the money for emergency use in FY2010 (ending in October) to use for border security, but there is no commitment nor any obligation to use those funds.  The bill was passed obviously to appease the growing outrage from American citizens and particularly Arizona about their security but it has no real “meat” in the legislation to force Obama to do anything.

What happens at the end of FY2010 and the monies have not been used, especially the more than $193 million that are allocated to Eric Holder’s Department?  Is this another forced taxpayer slush fund, not to be used as appropriated, but at the discretion of the Federal Government?

Who will account for where the money is going – an independent third party in whom we may place our trust or another government website, with words parsed, facts hidden, and propaganda inserted about the bill’s success?

The Lie: The lie, unfortunately, is always the same.  President Obama telling the American people that he is spending $600,000 on border security and sending thousands of border agents and expanded technology to the border.

The Shame: The shame is that this is all pretense and that the Obama Administration has no intention of using the money allocated in this bill unless and  until there is an emergency.  If that emergency is the execution of one of our border sheriffs or Joe Arpaio in Arizona, no amount of money thrown at the situation by this Administration will quell the outrage and outcry from the American people.

Go to YouTube or Resistnet.com and see the latest video from Patriot Network about the Arizona border security and the Cartel’s order of execution for any of our American citizens and law enforcement trying to prevent the Cartel drug shipments from coming into the United  States.  The video says it all.   http://sheriffpaul.com is also Sheriff Babeu’s website in which he daily brings you the truth about the security on our border.

What will it take America for us to see that drug cartels, illegal immigrants and terrorists do not further infiltrate our borders?

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