Barack Hussein Obama – President of Islam?

by Richard H. Frank

Consider the following:

Barack Hussein Obama ran for President on a platform of “hope and change.”  Five days before being sworn into office, he proclaimed that he and his Administration would “fundamentally transform America and the world!”  Since then, in the ensuing 18 months his actions as leader of our Country have produced the following destructive results for our Republic.

  • The financial system bailouts originally established to secure toxic assets to avoid the collapse of the Country’s monitary system.  Taxpayer bailouts to the “too big to fail” institutions that have not used these funds as intended but to prop up and reward mismanagement and pay exorbitant bonuses.
  • The nationalization of two thirds of America’s auto industry with ownership rewards to special interests and unions in lieu of allowing our free market system to function and provide for elimination of the weak and strengthening the strong through reorganization and recapitalization.
  • Takeover of one sixth of the nation’s economy through passage of Obamacare against the will of 70% of the people.  The promise of reduced costs ($2500/family) and coverage for 30 million Americans are being shown for the false hope and change our President represented to all Americans.
  • The promise that his stimulus policy would create 3 million new jobs when in reality the opposite has resulted.
  • Enactment of financial regulations that will ultimately suppress the growth of investment by both large and small business and retard all economic recovery.
  • His refusal to support states’ rights with regard to enforcement of existing immigration law.  Instead, he and his Attorney General elect to sue any state taking the initiative to protect their citizens.
  • Obama’s blatant disregard for our Constitution which he has sworn to protect and defend.

So what has our esteemed President promoted under his campaign banner of “hope and change?”

  • He embarked on his “apology tour” of Europe and the Middle East assigning blame for the world conditions on America’s foreign policies and capitalist system.
  • He declared that America is not a Christian nation.
  • While campaigning, he stated he was a Muslim born in a Muslim country and raised as Muslim.
  • He refused to recognize America’s Day of Prayer and prohibited any such celebration within the White House but instead is celebrating Ramadan with a huge dinner at the White House.
  • He has endorsed building a mosque at the site of the World Trade Center attacks, a sacred burial ground for victims of the atrocity planned and brought about by radical Muslims, citing freedom of religion for his position, notwithstanding the outcry of Americans and the will of 70% of New Yorker’s.
  • His continuing outreach to Islam through the State Department and NASA with priorities to recognize their contributions to the sciences and the arts over the centuries in Europe.
  • His hands off policy with regard to challenging Iran and their unrelenting move to become a nuclear power in the mideast.
  • The strained relations he has created with the leadership in Israel and in support of their right to protect themselves against attack by mulim neighboring countries.

The majority of Americans see our President as a socialist set on destroying the established foundations of our Republic.  In spite of his words, his actions tend to be moving toward Sharia ideology practiced in Muslim countries.  He has exhibited disdain for American tradition and values from his comments about displaying our flag and paying homage to our sacred institutions and his comments abroad degrading our national values.

Barack Obama wraps himself in the flag only when it meets his personal political aspirations.  In retrospect maybe he should have run for President of the Nation of Islam.

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