Demise of Our Republic!

By: Richard H. Frank

Most senior citizens today have lived through and experienced at least ten (10) Presidents of the United States and their administrations. My personal experience spans the governance of 13 Presidents, seven of which were Democrats and six Republicans. Unfortunately, at least five of the Democrats were inspired by varying degrees to support progressive, statist ideology and resulted in the explosion of the size and influence of the Federal Government over the States and the individual. Civil Rights raised its head during the Kennedy administration and threatened to split the nation. Thankfully, the Constitution prevailed, and although painful to many people, the rights of the individual against discrimination took root and gained acceptance over time.

The rapid slide toward socialism accelerated under Lynden Johnson’s administration and Congress enacted laws mandating quotas for education and in employment based on race and gender, all under the banner of creating “The Great Society” and “The War on Poverty”.

The seeds were planted in the 1960’s for the statists to establish the roots of progressive policy in government leading up to the Obama administrations push to harvest the fruits of socialism in America. These seeds have germinated for the past 50 years and like crabgrass spread throughout the landscape of both political parties in America. The results of progressive policy may be seen in unsustainable mandates for our social welfare programs including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the national debt which will soon exceed 14 trillion dollars and place a millstone of taxes on generations yet unborn to payback and the continued erosion of the very Constitutional principles that made America great.

Today, for all practical purposes the 10th amendment to the Constitution has been legislated null and void by Congress and a corrupt judiciary. Private enterprise and our free market system of economics are being smothered through regulation and government mandates. The Federal Government would rather sue the States than to perform their sworn duty to uphold the law and recognize the will of the people. The rule of law in America has been severely wounded and is being subverted by activist judges making decisions based on political considerations as opposed to the law.

The political ruling elite treat Americans like small children and continue to spout their ideological rhetoric in spite of the obvious facts and truth regarding progressive, Marxist policy coming out of the Obama administration. This past weekend the President stated that Medicare was more financially stable than in the past due to changes contained in the “Affordable Health Care Reform” signed into law this year. His claim that costs would drop due to elimination of fraud and waste and the $550 billion cut in the program were refuted by the Medicare actuaries. Yet, Obama continues to spout these absurd statements. Even the most gullible among us understands we cannot insure 30 million additional people, accept all preexisting conditions and reduce costs at the same time. The closer we get to the mid-term election the more ridiculous statements will flow from the Obama administration. Statements like “we have created or saved 3 million jobs” and taxes will not be raised on anyone earning less than $200,000.

The more Federal Government legislates how we are to live the more liberty we are forced to relinquish. Should “We the People” fail to make changes in Congress and our State governments in November to halt the statists, our sovereignty will pass from the individual to and all-powerful “Federal Government” and signal the demise of our Republic.

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