Transparency on Display

by Jayne D. Frank

As President Obama’s favorable ratings by the American people plummet and the approval ratings for Congress are at an all time low of 11%, I read in the UK Telegraph that he is going to “vacation” again on the August 14th weekend with his family in the Gulf Coast region devastated by the oil spill disaster.  His motives could not be more “transparent” to Americans!  Trying to assuage criticism that he has not been hands-on in this disaster since Day One, he thinks that if he takes another “vacation” in this region, he will fend off further criticism and save the day for himself and the Democrats in the mid-terms.  We are not that stupid Mr. President!

First, President Obama has been away from the nation’s critical business of trying to save our economy and jobs for far too long, taking more vacations in two years than many Americans will have in a couple of decades, because they don’t have jobs or their businesses are closing!  Secondly, his love of the photo op in lieu of being our Commander-in-Chief is quite stunning.  That is all the announced August 14 trip will be.  The President will put his arms around the fisherman telling him that things are “going to be alright and that he can soon go back to work.”  He will eat a shrimp dinner at a local tavern, informing the whole world that “Gulf seafood is plentiful and is healthy to eat now.”  Mr. Obama will find a beach area that his staff has cleared of any oil balls or that never had any in the first place, and then announce that the beaches are clean.

President Obama wanted transparency in his Administration, and American citizens are quite aware of all the games and that every action he takes now is quite transparent as to his intended actions.  Oh by the way, would Mr. Obama be staying  in an ordinary hotel in Louisiana overlooking the Gulf, watching ordinary Americans clean up and watch Bobby Jindal with his shirt sleeves up working alongside the cleanup crews in the Gulf, or will he be in some palatial estate rented from a Democratic sympathizer which is tucked back and quite out of the way of distressing reminders of what Americans expect out of him?