A Mother’s View of Obama’s Blame Game

by Jayne D. Frank

Today we received news about the housing starts being at almost a post-World War II low and indications as well that the Troubled Asset Relief Program has been anemic although billions of dollars have been poured into the program.  America’s economy continues to spiral downward because of the Obama Administration’s failure to rejuvenate the private sector, which in turn provides jobs to some 17 million unemployed and provides an upturn in housing purchases; how could the results be anything but bad for the country!   President Obama  could step up and be a Leader, demand that President Bush’s tax cuts be extended, invigorate private business and entrepreneurship by providing incentives for more hiring.  But what does he do?

He continues to Blame Bush for his failure and that of his Administration to provide real jobs, for all the spending that his Administration and his Democrat Congress are approving and for the massive deficit and debt. And to make matters worse, he has brought out his pre-President “campaign groupies” to expound on his theme of “creating or saving 4 million jobs,” investing in business and giving tax breaks to 95% of Americans, none of which is true.

Barack Obama must remind every woman in America  who has raised children how inexperienced and juvenile his actions have been over the past couple of years.  As a child does, he blames every one else and does not take responsibility for his own actions.  A child sometimes does not learn from mistakes and often repeats them again and again until he has been disciplined for failing to abide by the rules.  Children have a hard time keeping money in their pocket and spend every dime they have.  Some children do not respect authority and feel they are “entitled” to do what they want.  Sound familiar?

Through example, self-discipline and that imposed by higher authorities, children eventually straighten up and become mature. What happened in President Obama’s case?  Abandoned by both parents and struggling in his youth for his own identity,  his mind was brainwashed by very liberal professors in college and afterward he was snatched up by the Chicago Democrat machine and radicals like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.  No wonder he has no idea how to run a business or be a strong leader of the greatest country on earth!  If it were not so pathetic what he has done and is doing to our country, a mother would feel sorry for him….