Government by the Minority!

by Richard H. Frank

The 2010 midterm elections are rapidly approaching. Should voter turnout follow historic numbers we will once again be saddled with two more years of “Government by the Minority.” What I mean by this is that complacent America will once again stay home on November 2, 2010 and allow somewhere between 17-20% of the electorate to decide the makeup of Congress for the next two years.

Therefore, approximately 1 in 5 eligible voters will make the decision for the rest of the nation’s voters. Remember, we get what we deserve when it comes to election participation in America. It is unfortunate that most Americans lack the responsibility and the spirit to vote as opposed to those in Iraq who have shown courage in exercise of their fragile yet sacred right to vote.

It has become too difficult for 80% of the electorate to get involved with the issues facing our country and the threat to our very liberty. Yet, these same individuals will be the first to complain about Government intrusion into their lives and legislation against the will of the people. How sad when the American voter abdicates his/her duty to participate in self-government, a right guaranteed to every citizen by our Constitution.

Voter apathy has resulted in the radical fringe elements of both political parties becoming the force to set the agenda in Washington. Government with the consent of the governed is no longer the norm in America. In order to return to Government by the Majority, every eligible American citizen must have his/her voice heard by participating in the 2010 midterm elections. Should we choose not to participate, we have no right to complain and deserve to be subject to “Government by the Minority.”