“Lead, Follow or Get the Hell Out of the Way!”

by Richard H. Frank

The old saying that “a camel is a horse designed by committee” is readily applicable to the Obama Administration’s handling of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

Just who is in charge of stopping the leak? – BP or the Government?  “Daddy, have you stopped the leak yet?” can only be answered by our President saying “No, we must wait for the EPA, Homeland Security, the oil regulative committee, the Department of Natural Resources and the tooth fairy to analyze the situation.”  BP, vilified by our President for not stopping the leak or having a viable plan, is ready to curtail or stop the leak but is being stopped from proceeding by the onerous Federal bureaucracy.  God forbid that our Country should ever experience another more serious natural disaster (i.e., major earthquake or volcanic eruption) or a biological or nuclear attack on a populated city by terrorists.  The people involved in these potential crises would suffer more from the inaction and inability of Obama to make a decision than from the disaster itself.

What we are witnessing in the Obama Administration is a total lack of leadership and red tape destined to increase misery on our citizens.  This is what we get when we elect people who possess no real practical experience in management and decision-making without consulting a vast resource of equally inept Academians.  The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is indeed a serious disaster. Yet we see our Government 85+ days in this event not accelerating obvious methods to contain, stop and clean up this mess.  In effect, they have added insult to injury for the Gulf states residents by placing a ban on fishing over a major portion of the Gulf and imposing a moratorium on oil production.  Even after having the moratorium overturned by two Federal courts, the arrogant Obama Administration thumbs its nose at the law and imposes further restrictions on oil production.

This Administration and the President spout off insisting the oil leak in the Gulf is their Number #1 priority.  Number1 along with job creation, immigration reform, implementation of the health care legislation, and cap and trade.  They insist they have “saved or created” 3.5 million jobs.  These numbers fly in the face of the actual 2.5 million jobs lost since Obama took the oath of office in January, 2009.  I guess if the facts don’t support your agenda, just change the facts.

I suggest we should reinstate the “misery index” used in the 1970’s to measure the Carter Adminerstration Policy impact on America.  I contend Obama’s policies would make Carter look good in comparison.  Enough is  enough.  Contact your Congressional representatives and insist this Administration either “lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way” and allow the states to take charge of the oil spill and cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico.

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