Barack Obama-Post Racial President – In A Pig’s Eye

by Richard H. Frank

The mainstream media proclaimed that the election of Barack Obama to be President of the United States in 2008 ushered in a new era of post-racial politics in America.  Eighteen months into his presidency, we have witnessed our President accusing the Boston police of “acting stupidly” relative to the arrest of Professor Gates before having reviewed any facts associated with the incident.

This incident was followed closely by the Acorn scandal for voter fraud and alleged financing of housing for illegal purposes.  That investigation has been mysteriously abandoned with no explanation from the Justice Department.

Then we have the charge of “voter intimidation” by the “New Black Panthers” in the 2008 Philadelphia, PA election.  The default judgment against the defendant again was mysteriously dropped.

Now we learn of the alleged Justice Department policy not to pursue civil rights cases involving black crimes against whites.

Next, we learn Eric Holder is threatening to bring a second law suit against Arizona based on discrimination from racial profiling resulting from implementation of the law. Allegations of this type might be brought against any law and is ripe for fraud.

The Obama Administration, short of legislating reparations as such, for past crimes against minorities is pursuing the same result through redistribution of wealth which is the underlying agenda for all their proposed legislation.

The modus operandi for Obama is to divide and conquer.  First he has attacked the “haves” in the form of taxes to be redistributed to the “have nots” through increased entitlements (i.e., health care reform)  Next, he has attempted to set Hispanics against Whites by asserting that enforcement of immigration law by the states is racist.

His assertion that he only wishes to level the playing field  between the races lacks legitimacy as his policies have only served to destroy the free enterprise system, discourage job creation and ultimately bring more misery to all races in the middle class of America.  This, coupled with the moratorium on oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, will increase the burden on every economic sector in the  Country.

Chaos, mistrust between the races and vilifying business and the financial industry serves his agenda to pit people against people, race against race and government against free enterprise.  According to Obama  and the Democratic-controlled Congress, the answer to all the above  crises, real or fabricated, is more government intervention, oversight and control.

By his own admission Obama says our Constitution is fundamentally flawed and that civil rights’ law failed to properly address  redistribution in solving civil rights problems.  His policies are anything but “post racial” and his actions covertly inflame racial tensions largely eliminated over the past 40 years.  Post racial – No!  I expect his motives are to use racism as the means to achieve his agenda and are tearing this Country apart.

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