A Look Into the Future for Obamacare

by Jayne D. Frank

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) has yet to be fully implemented not only because the Government cannot meet its own timetable in 2010, but because it has become obvious that more bureaucracy, and added funds to cover such bureaucracy, will be needed to put those initial plans into effect.   Americans are also finding out that there are still over 23 million people who won’t be covered and as such, more taxpayer money will be needed to cover those uninsured people when they get sick and need treatment.  Premiums are and will be going up for people with existing insurance policies at least 10%, with elderly people being hit the hardest with an even higher premium for their insurance.

This week, we have another wonderful look into the future of Obamacare and the draconian cuts that are going to be made by Donald Berwick, as we received news that tens of thousands of UK National Health System jobs are going to be cut.  This number of cuts is also skewed by the fact that only a fourth of the foundations administering these jobs across the country responded and gave that 10,000 job loss projection.

In the UK Telegraph article dated July 7 by Rebecca Smith, she cited the NHS as having to make existing savings of between the equivalent of $23 billion and $30 billion US over the next four years while trying to find ways to trim the waste in the system.  And this is the system that Donald Berwick “loves so much?”

Because the mid-term elections are coming up, the Administration and both Democrat and Republican Congressmen are staying away from this issue like the plague,  Americans must stay informed and continue to  hold the Administration and their representatives accountable (especially those who voted for this fiasco) for everything that is about to happen in the United States because of passage of this bill.

The British people are already experiencing excessive job cuts especially in the specialties and in the nursing staffs, taking away those nurses from people “with long-term conditions”…who must be kept stable “and out of hospital.”

Dr. Peter Carter of the RCN indicated that the latest job loss cuts would “lead to more hospital scandals where appalling standards of care led to unnecessary deaths.”

God help our sick and chronically ill in this country if this health care law is not repealed!

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