“Liberty and Justice for All!”- Not With Eric Holder as Attorney General

by Richard H. Frank

These words hardly seem appropriate today if the Obama Justice Department under the leadership of Eric Holder is allowed to pursue its recent course and ideology. Over the past 18 months we have witnessed a series of convoluted actions and statements that seem to turn our justice system inside out.

Enemy combatants and terrorists are afforded all the Constitutional protections afforded to American citizens.  Upon apprehension and questioning, they are mirandized and told they have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Admitted terrorists are being prosecuted in Civil Court as opposed to trial by military tribunal as has been the custom.  His refusal to acknowledge “radical Islam” as our enemy and “jihad” as war, not just a crime, shine a bright light on his ideology. Being politically correct is more important to Holder than is adherence to the law.

He is a strong proponent of closing Gitmo and interning those enemy combatants in U. S. prisons which would make them automatically subject to U.S. civil law.  Additionally, he has supported reopening the probe of the CIA enhanced-interrogation techniques as torture with the potential to prosecute the agents involved in such acts.

His position against pursuing charges against the Black Panthers in the 2008 Philadelphia elections, to launch a full Justice Department investigation of ACORN for voter fraud, coupled with his refusal to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate White House influence or interference with candidates for office during primary elections (Romanoff/Sestak) are all examples of his political leanings interfering with justice and the law.  Somehow the sum total of his actions point to racism tipping the scales of our blind justice in favor of minorities.

His statement that “America is a nation of cowards on racial issues” is very revealing in light of his actions over the past 18 months.  When he commented on Arizona’s illegal immigration law, he made no reference to its constitutionality but only upon its potential for racial profiling and infringing on a person’s civil rights.  I fear Attorney General Holder is guilty of racism of the highest order if the recent testimony of Christian Adams, a former Justice Department lawyer testifying before the Civil Rights Commission is true, that the Obama Administration’s policy was not to pursue black against white crime.

Now the Justice Department has filed suit against Arizona on the basis of the Constitution’s supremacy clause to stop enforcement of the law.  This in effect stops enforcement of the existing Federal law by a State.  How crazy and convoluted can this Administration get?  It’s not about the law to them.  It is all about politics and votes.   This is one case that when the Supreme Court rules, it should be unanimous against the Federal Government and in favor of Arizona.

In the interim, Holder should be preparing his Letter of Resignation and including an apology to the American people for his malfeasance while in office.