Obama’s Agenda for “The Dream Act” Not for Real Comprehensive Immigration Reform

by Richard H. Frank

President Obama’s address to American University today on immigration reform was pathetic and represented more campaign mode and demonizing past administrations, the Republicans in Congress and unscrupulous business practices for the existing situation.

Typical of his approach to advancing his agenda, he invoked the stories of immigrants in the military and private sectors to show the great contributions made to America.  He failed to mention that these individuals chose to follow the law and were legal aliens as they pursued their citizenship.

He claims the system is broken and largely due to politics that holds reform hostage with the price of moving forward securing the border.  With regard to the Arizona law, he contends it is not only ill-conceived but divisive and ultimately unenforcable.  The Arizona law mirrors Federal law and therefore, he admits he cannot (or more appropriately doesn’t want to) enforce the  Federal law which is his obligation under the Constitution to enforce.

He proceeded to create the strawman argument of “mass deportation” to deflect attention from his Administration’s responsibility and accountability to do its job and secure the borders.  No one is advocating mass deportation as the solution to the 22.9 million illegals according to http://immigrationcounter.com and not the 11 million stated by Obama.  Likewise the states considering legislation on their own use the Federal statute as the “one clear national standard” (to quote Obama) that needs to be implemented and enforced.

Let us examine the facts according to the above website, not remotely addressed by the President during his speech:

  • Since 1996 illegal immigrants in the country total 22.9 million – not 11 million
  • Illegals other than Mexico total 582,995 or only a small percentage
  • The economic impact upon America through money sent to Latin America since 1996 is $283 billion
  • Cost of Social Security services since 1996 is $397.5 billion
  • Illegal children in public schools total 5.1 million
  • Cost for illegal education K thru 12 since 1996 is $169.8 billion
  • Illegals incarcerated total 425,348
  • There are 745,895 illegal fugitives
  • Cost for incarceraion since 2008 is $26.1 billion
  • Anchor babies since 2002 total 5 million and
  • Skilled jobs occupied by illegals are 11.9 milion

These statistics are stagering and to listen to Obama say “we cannot afford to secure our borders” is ludicrous considering we have expended $909.6 billion dollars of treasure since 1996 on 22.9 million illegal immigrants.  That amounts to $39.7 million per illegal immigrant that could have gone to enforcement of our existing laws and securing our borders.

President Obama said politics is not the issue but the the law is the issue.  Then we should enforce the existing Federal law and  not divert the public’s attention through enacting “The Dream Act” in order to gain votes from the hispanic voting block through a massive move towards amnesty.

Should Congress move toward comprehensive immigration reform, it will create a new wave of illegal immigration pending any anticipated move to award amnesty without securing the border prior to any new law going into effect.  This will only compound the problem and increase costs without securing the border.  We cannot afford as a nation for our Federal Government and President Obama to refuse to meet their legal  and Constitutional obligations to enforce existing law and to secure our borders. Instead the President and the Administration are content to waste time pursuing legal action against Arizona for the Federal Government’s own failures.

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