The Progressive’s Plan to Make America a Third World Nation

by Richard H. Frank

Unless you have had the opportunity to travel for extended periods of time to Asia, South America, Europe and the Indian continents, you may not really appreciate the definition of a “third world nation.”  In most countries located on these continents a “middle class society” is non-existent.  The gap in the standard of living between these countries and the United States is unimaginable unless you have seen and experienced it with your own eyes.  The access and availability to the basics for survival, including clothing, food and shelter presents a stark contrast between the “haves” and “have not” members of these societies.  Should a citizen in these countries be fortunate enough to have a job in Government or the Military, they are considered and identified as “middle class.”  In most instances, these individuals are not property owners, have not experienced higher education and rely heavily upon Government-administered programs as a basis for their standard of living.  Welfare recipients in the United States appreciate a higher standard of living than does the average citizen in many of the third world countries.

So what has made the difference between the United States and Third World Nations?  I believe the answer is “The Constitution” and our “free enterprise system,” as well as “limited central Government.”  Over the past 100 years all of these foundations of our Nation have been under an unrelenting attack by the liberal Progressive Movement in America.  Education, rewriting history and removing God from our schools was the initial assault upon our liberty.  the establishment of unfunded entitlements, government pensions, nationalization of private enterprise, the nation’s resources and uncontrolled spending have taxed the nation’s private sector to the breaking point.  Central planning with redistribution of wealth is the current initiative within our Federal Government and is the next step to elimination of the middle class in America and making us a third world nation.

The tipping point was exceeded when Government employment exceeded the private sector earlier this year.  Government produces nothing while incurring costs in the form of taxes, fees and assessments imposed upon the private sector.  Over time, Government, like a snake eating its own tail, will eventually devour itself.  When that process is complete we will be left with a third world nation oppressed by a tyrannical Government controlling every aspect of our lives.

There is still time to stop this slide into tyranny by returning to the principles that made America the greatest nation in history. Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.  Advance the principles of the free enterprise system and insist  that Government return to the balance of powers prescribed in the Constitution.  Assure that the size and scope of the Federal Government is limited to that described in Article I, Section 8 and Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution.

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