From One of Alan Simpson’s “Lesser People”

by Jayne D. Frank
Media coverage and discussion of what is going on behind closed doors with Obama’s Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is deafening.   If you do a search on the internet, the only lone reporter covering the comings and goings of its members is Alex Lawson and he put forth a rather striking, and very telling 8 minute YouTube video of the Commission’s Chairman, Alan Simpson.  In the video, Simpson calls Medicare Recipients the “Lesser People.”
Is that right, Mr. Simpson?  My husband and I have had “real” jobs all of our careers, some 40 years apiece on average, paying huge taxes all the time so that you could stay on the dole all of these years, voting yourself a yearly raise with our money, and voting to spend our Medicare Trust Fund away on other Government programs.  And you have the guts to call us the “Lesser People?”
Now it is reported that you are out of money to do the rest of your work and make it to December.  Allocated a hefty $500,000, you say you cannot finish within budget because you wanted to get out of Washington to do field interviews and can’t live within your budget.  No wonder the government is in so much trouble.  How about a novel idea?  Bring people in who are experts in their area, and stay in Washington and do your job?  There are hundreds of great economists who would gladly come to Washington at their own expense and provide you with advice as to how to reduce our huge deficit, but the problem is that you wouldn’t listen to them and neither will your Boss. also gave you free advice to solve our problems:
  • Move Toward Historical Levels of Taxes and Spending
  • Bring Long-Term Solvency to Social Security and Medicare and Reform Medicaid
  • Reopen the Health Care Law
  • Offer Specific Spending Reforms, Not Just Numerical Targets
  • No New Taxes or Tax Increase
  • Bring Budget Transparency

People should be outraged and calling for your removal from this Commission for your scurrilous comments about Medicare recipients and your inability to stay within your Budget. And we have words for you also, Mr. Obama:  No More Executive Orders giving the Commission additional funds.

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